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lavoro pubblicato lunedì 13 giugno 2011
ultima lettura domenica 11 agosto 2019

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di Shinow. Letto 530 volte. Dallo scaffale Musica

I walk through the crowd,I don't care what they say,Fearless I go straight on,nothing can scratch me,'cause I'm behind safe barriers.Instrospection made me realizesomething you dream is something you wantobservation opened my eyesI now understand what ...

I walk through the crowd,
I don't care what they say,
Fearless I go straight on,
nothing can scratch me,
'cause I'm behind safe barriers.

Instrospection made me realize
something you dream is something you want
observation opened my eyes
I now understand what I need.

Lost without a destination,
I locked down all my emotions,
My soul was going to demolition,
but now I found my life ambition,
I won't give up, that's my mission.

Once you open your eyes
and find the inner truth
You catch the strenght you deserve
and overcome your fears.

Once you reach the top
and see your efforts rewarded
there's nothing better
of all the labor expended.

Finally when you'll reach the top,
you'll walk proud through the crowd
You won't care what they'll say
You are strong enough right now
You can throw these barriers away.


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