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lavoro pubblicato giovedì 1 ottobre 2009
ultima lettura venerdì 13 dicembre 2019

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The way

di aleksnightmare. Letto 552 volte. Dallo scaffale Generico

There was a lot of thingsrunning in my eyesa lot of trouble, pain,pictures, soldiers of souls.All this things, came outin the worst times, always.They came when the windblowed down the trees,and they saw so much dirton the ground of my story.Colours be...

There was a lot of things
running in my eyes
a lot of trouble, pain,
pictures, soldiers of souls.
All this things, came out
in the worst times, always.
They came when the wind
blowed down the trees,
and they saw so much dirt
on the ground of my story.
Colours became so black,
without emotions, no feelings
on the way .
The same way, in the years,
the same street with one-name.
And the brothers, the sisters,
the fathers, the mothers,
saw only one thing.
They saw their life, their lies
shoot straight on the face.
Now, just one of them
save his future, with no consents.
He chooses the wrong part of the search.
Now, he cries the past,
but not for so long
because he will have his dream,
killing their nightmare-lifes.


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