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di DrWatson. Letto 725 volte. Dallo scaffale Straniera

Sequel di 1. Sharp Teeth, 2. Bloodlust, 3. Fresh Blood, 4. Shadows. Ultima storia della cacciatrice di vampiri Alexandria e del suo amico vampiro :D con la partecipazione di Sam e Dean Winchester, direttamente dal Kansas ;)

After the last shocking case, Alex decided to quit hunting. That adventure scared her a lot and shook her as much as willing a normal life, like she never had, like she doesn't even know how it is. It took a while for her to get over what happened, but Bruce has always been with her to help her, and teach her. It's been a few weeks already, Bruce got a new job as commercial pilot and she is trying to get habit to a normal life. She's still a bit disoriented, she still has to find her way and she's trying to leave everything behind. Though she wouldn't think twice about trying an easy spell, if they need some more money. Bruce works at every hour, sometimes they call him during the day, sometimes he works at night, sometimes it's just a quick flight, other times is a bit longer. Every time he goes out to work, he salutes her with a kiss on her cheek. He dyed a bit his hair of a lighter colour, a dark blond, on the visible part of his hair and it grew longer, though he has to tie it while working, just to look a bit more elegant. One night, Bruce and Alex are sleeping in their room when his phone alarm rings. Bothered and groaning, he turns it off and gets up. Alex didn't hear anything, she's still sleeping. Bruce gets ready to go to work and then comes to salute her. He bends down and kisses her cheek. She wakes up and mumbles something, still sleepy.
"Are you going?"
"Yeah... I'll be back tomorrow morning" he replies.
"Ok. Stay safe" she tells, smiling. Then he takes his trolley and cap and goes away.
Few hours later, Alex is tossing in her bed, something is bothering her, having she such a light sleep. She hears some noises from the kitchen, very soft noises. She opens her eyes, trying to understand what they can be, when she sees a dark silhouette in the frame of the door. Someone is silently and calmly standing there, watching her. The room is all dark, so at first she thinks it's Bruce. She rubs her eyes.
"Bruce, are you back already? What happened?" she asks. The figure doesn't reply, but it starts walking ahead. She observes surprised and at a better look she sees that figure is too tall to be Bruce, that's not Bruce! Rapidly and alarmed, she quickly takes her gun from under her pillow and shoots at the man different times. The man firstly keeps carrying on, like those bullets didn't hurt him, but then he turns around and runs away. Shocked and worried, Alex gets up and goes out in the kitchen to take a look. There's some blood on the floor, a red trail that leads to the window: at least she got him. She gets closer, the window is open but outside she can't see anything or anyone. Shaken, she closes the window and turns on the light. The apartment looks fine, whoever it was, he didn't take anything or he didn't have time. So, she just locks herself in and cleans all that blood.
The next morning, Bruce comes home, still with his pilot suit, and as he gets in, he finds the lights of the kitchen on. He's perplexed, he turned them off the night before and they're not needed at morning, with all the light coming from the windows. So he just turns them off, thinking Alex maybe forgot them on. He leaves his trolley at the entrance and hangs his cap to the hanger. Looking around, he can't see his friend and seen it's just 8 am, maybe she's still sleeping. He opens the door of the bedroom, strangely closed, when he hears the big crash of a breaking vase. Alex suddenly wakes up and grabs her gun, pointing it to the door, while panting and trembling for the sudden awakening. Bruce is caught by surprise by this crash and instinctively yells:
"What the hell??!". The room is all dark, so he turns on the light. Alex takes a relieved breath when she sees him, though she had already recognizes his voice and attitude. But he looks at her confused and puzzled.
"Alex?? What are you doing? It's me" he tells. She takes down the gun and takes a deep breath.
"Sorry Bruce, I had to do this" she tells, he's still confused.
"Why are you so tense? And why did you put a vase in front of the door?" he looks down at the broken pieces. "Damn, it was my grandma's". She looks sad at it.
"Oh, I'm sorry..."
"Doesn't matter, I hated it" he tells, going to her and waiting for an explanation.
"Well, I had a visit tonight, that's why I put it there, in the case he came again". Bruce looks at her wide eyes open.
"What?! Someone got in our house?? Are you ok?" he asks, worried.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. You know it takes more than that to hurt me" she jokes, but he's not in the mood now. "And yeah, someone got in. I don't know who it was, it was dark but I saw it was a man"
"And-and what did he do?" he asks, sitting.
"He stood there. I took my gun and shot at him"
"You shot at him??!"
"Yes, but it seemed he wasn't affected but then he ran away. I caught him though, there was blood"
"How can it be? He wasn't human?"
"I don't know, I'm starting to doubt that. But I don't know what it was and what he wanted from me"
"How did he get in?"
"From the window". Bruce thinks for a while.
"We should change our windows"
"I don't think it's that Bruce. If it wasn't human, I'm pretty sure he came here for a reason"
"You mean... He wanted you dead?"
"I don't know but it can't be a coincidence, a monster sneaking into the house of a former hunter"
"Yeah..." he reflects, thoughtful. "You can't stay here alone. Or anywhere else alone. You'll come with me until this story is over"
"Bruce, look, I was shaken and a bit afraid, but I can still defend myself, I can't forget it"
"Yeah, but I'll be better if I know you're safe"
"Maybe I'm just making a too big deal of it"
"What? No, someone got in here! It's a serious thing, it could have ended up worse. But now your boy is here, you run no risk" he smiles widely and gets up.

Later in the morning, Alex is making researches at her laptop while Bruce is wandering around the room, searching for some tea. She intently looks at the screen and reads. She's searching for that kind of information she used to search while hunting. If that man was a monster, he probably left traces behind him and maybe she can find something. In fact, she does. Few articles appear of strange deaths in London's neighbourhood. Few people were found dead, completely drained of their blood, just outside London. In some other cases, police even found some strange circular marks on their necks. Alex realizes how the case is pretty clear here and she just wonders how couldn't she see it before. Some vampire is hunting in town and he's making pretty much a lot of noise. Is he the one who got in their house the night before? And why? She keeps reading and finds of various similar cases, people trucidated to death, with always an increasing violence, even if all this is not needed to a vampire. It's like he just wants to attract more attention. She finds of a recent case, few people were massacrated, all of them died because of the bloodletting and no blood was found on their corpses. All of them died, except one. A witness, a survivor escaped the massacre. For some reason he didn't kill him, maybe he thought he was already dead, maybe he didn't taste that good. She's focused on her readings when Bruce notices her and how she's concentrated on the screen.
"Alex? What are you doing?" asks Bruce, looking frowning at her. She looks up to him, unsure if she should tell him or not.
"Nothing" she says. He gives her a bad stare. "Ok, well, I was making a research"
"Research? About what?" he asks curious, going to her.
"Well, about what happened yesterday. That man is very likely to be a monster, a vampire, unless this is just a big coincidence. But I'm sure I caught him at his chest"
"Wait, are you hunting? Is this what you're telling me?" he says, incredulous. She hesitates for a while.
"Aah... I'm just making a research. But I found something. There have been various deaths, particular deaths, that kind that I used to search for. And people have died, a lot of people..."
"Alex, Alex, wait... Stop" he interrupts her. "What are you thinking? You're really willing to start again?"
"No, it's not that... It's... I can't let it pass. Now I know it, I must do something, I just wonder how couldn't I see that before"
"Girl, you quit this, I can't let you start again"
"But look Bruce" she says, turning the laptop to him. "Look at this, people have died, their blood has been drained out of their bodies, they had circular marks on their necks... Really? Isn't it pretty clear? What should I do? Let people die? When I can do something? I'm the only one who can". Bruce stares at it, thoughtful and then looks down. "I know you think exactly like me, you're just afraid that I can take the case. You're scared that I can start hunting again. But I assure you, I won't. I just want to see clearly on this thing. If this really is a case for me, well... We'll find a way, a solution. There is a survivor, I can talk to him and clear up my mind. If it's not a case, ok good, we'll just deal with our intruder of last night. But I actually think it's the same person". Bruce listened to her carefully and reflecting.
"Ok, good. Do your thing, talk with him. But nothing more, don't go around to search for the man or adventure in risky situations, ok? Just talk with the man"
"Ok, dad" she jokes, smiling. But he's serious and worried.
"Don't joke, I'm serious. I don't want you to run any risk. And call me if you need something" he ends.

After a while, Alex is at the man's house, pretending to be a journalist of an unknown magazine. They're sitting at a table and she has a little casebook where she's taking some notes.
"So, what happened precisely?" she asks.
"We were out for camping, the night. We were a group of six people, me included. We went to sleep when we heard some noises from outside the tents. And then everything happened in a sudden. Someone or something attacked us, he dragged us out, one by one and beated us violently. Someone died for the injuries, others... Well" he pauses, she encourages him to keep talking. "You will think I'm crazy"
"No, I won't. It's my job to listen to people's tellings. And I heard a lot of things, I won't think you're crazy"
"Alright. I was on the ground, half counscious when I saw something incredible. The man was searching among us for someone, I guess, I don't know. Then he knelt down and... He bit my friend at his neck. And then he sucked his blood". The man speaks, still shaken and Alex looks surprised at him. "I swear, he sucked all his blood and meanwhile he was mumbling something"
"Something like what?" she asks, interrogative.
"As I said, I was half-conscious but I can tell I heard something. He was saying something like 'I'm coming, you'll see. We'll meet soon, my dear. Just for you, all this for you. You will see it at the end, you must do that' ". Alex looks at him, a bit shaken.
"And can you remember anything else?" she tries.
"Yes. It seemed he was talking with someone. He mentioned a name, it was..." the man thinks for a while. "Alexandria, right, it was Alexandria!". Alex stares frozen at him. She can't believe it. Her? Her name? That vampire is searching for her? He did all this just to find her? Alex tries to conceal her shock and clears her throat.
"Ahm, did he say who this Alexandria was?" she asks.
"No. He was just telling random things. It was all meaningless. I don't know what was wrong with him but I think that man is really crazy. Out of mind, for real"
"And why did he let you go? Maybe he thought you were dead too?"
"No no, he knew I was still alive. I tried to drag myself in a safe corner but he saw me. He turned to me and looked at me. But did nothing. He just let me go. I thought he just had enough or I wasn't 'good enough' for him. I don't know, but he spared me". Alex is even more shaken than before.
"Ok. Thank you for helping me" she says, getting up and going away.

"What do you mean you have to do this??" Bruce asks, incredulous. Alex came back home and told him what she found.
"Exactly that. That man is searching for me, it's a personal thing!" she replies.
"No! Who is that man, what does he want from you?"
"I don't know Bruce, I just know he wants to find me, and he wants me dead. He killed all those people, just to attract my attention... And I didn't see anything..." she tells, covering her face and sobbing. He goes to her and pulls her hands away.
"Alex, don't blame yourself, you didn't do anything. It's that man. You said it's a vampire, right?"
"Yeah, I think so. I mean, the man described him as one. And I shot at him repeatedly. Unless he was just pretending and all this is a kind of charade, I don't know what he wants."
"Ok. Being him a vampire, or not, I am one too and I'll deal with it. I'll search for him and fix all this. I'll show him not to mess up with my girl" he tells, trying to cheer her up.
"No, Bruce, it's my problem, I must do this"
"But no! Why?"
"Because I don't want you to get in this story! I don't want you to get hurt, and it always happened when you tried to help me. And you're starting a new life and-and I... I don't want to ruin everything..." she stutters, sobbing. He holds her shoulders, reassuring her.
"Hey, stop. You won't ruin anything. I'm your friend and I'd do it soon. And what about your new life? You wanna fall in this trap again? I can't let you do that, you will just ruin your life. I'll fix this"
"No..." she shakes her head.
"Are you trying to keep me away from it or you're just trying to start your old life again?" he asks, frowning and a bit irritated.
"Don't do that just because you feel out of place here, in a normal life. It's easier for you to hunt, to resume your old life. But you're just trying to escape the new life you're building. You took a lot for it and you're going well, you still have to get in properly but it will take time. Are you sure you just don't want to take this case to run from your new situation?"
"No! No, Bruce, I wouldn't ever do that. I don't want start hunting again, I..."
"And so let me deal with it. Do you remember what Sam said? Leaving hunt you show your real strength because even if it's a dangerous and hard life, it's the easier you know"
"I know Bruce, it's not that... But you even remember they said I could have dealt with cases if they appeared"
"Only in extreme cases. But there's a simplier solution now. Look, if you don't want me to get in the middle, let's call Sam and Dean. They said to call them if we needed help, they will help us"
"But they came back to the US. Why calling them here again for such a trifle?"
"But it's not a trifle! A vampire is hunting you down and you don't want me to react! What should I do? Looking at you as you directly go inside his nest? Falling in his trap? Or starting hunting again? Or getting killed? Let me call them at least!", she looks down. "That vampire got in our house and he could have..." he pauses. "I don't know why he just stopped there but he could have harmed you. And all this series of murders... It doesn't look good. Nothing will stop him"
"Ok, ok... Call them... Maybe they can help" she accepts at the end.
"Good. Awesome. They'll solve this. Meanwhile, I won't leave you for even a second" he tells, taking his phone.

Bruce called Sam and Dean and they were actually surprised to hear of such a weird situation. But understanding the danger and caring about Alex's new life without the hunt, they decide to reach them soon and deal with the case, expressingly asking Bruce to stay always with her. The next morning, they arrive at Bruce's flat and knock at the door. Alex goes to open.
"Hello kid! We meet again" says Dean, smiling and getting in.
"Yeah..." she says, with a bitter smile. Sam gets in too and caresses her head.
"How are you?" he asks.
"Fine, thanks. Except for this little problem..."
"Oh, you'll see, we'll solve it quickly, don't worry anymore" Dean says. "Where is your BFF?" he adds, looking around. Sam smiles and Alex was going to talk when Bruce gets out from his room, all in a hurry. He's already dressed in suit to go to work and he's tying his hair.
"Oh, hello! Sam, Dean, you've been quick!" he tells. Dean looks at him, a bit surprised and confused.
"Where's your friend, Alex?" he says. "And who's this blondie here?"
"Ha, you're so hilarious Dean" Bruce protests. Alex laughs, looking at him. Bruce was going toward the door when Alex grabs his arm and stops him, after taking a look at him.
"Where are you going like this?" she tells, fixing the knot of his tie. "You should be more precise while doing the knot". He smiles widely.
"Thank you. What should I do without you...". She smiles and then pats his chest and leaves him. He goes to take his bag and cap at the entrance. Dean and Sam witness the scene, a bit disoriented.
"Guys, I have to go to work, but I'll be back for lunch, so we can talk later" Bruce explains.
"Yeah, sure, don't worry" Sam says, Dean is too surprised to talk.
"Ok, bye!" Bruce tells, going out. He hasn't even closed the door when he comes back and kisses Alex's cheek.
"Sorry, I was forgetting it!" he mutters to her. She smiles at him and he goes away. Sam looks at him smiling, Dean is speechless.
"... What was that?" he asks later, after Bruce left.
"Ahm, he got a new job, as a commercial pilot, and he's very happy about it" she explains, smiling. "He's a bit... crazy on his own but when he's enthusiast of doing something... Well, you saw him"
"I see..." Dean says, still a bit out of words.
"Well, it's beautiful. He got a new job, you're starting a new life, maybe things will get fixed this time" Sam tells.
Hours later, Bruce already came back from work and he's drinking some blood from a sack. Sam and Dean are sitting on the couch and Alex in front of them.
"Ok, so Alex, tell us everything" Dean starts.
"Well, it started the other night, when someone got in the house, while Bruce wasn't here. I was sleeping and then I saw this figure in front of me. I shot at him and he bleeded but ran away, after few shots, from the window"
"Did you use silver bullets?" Sam asks.
"Yeah, sure, I always use silver bullets" she replies, Sam nods. Bruce listens to them and continuously looks from one to the other. "So, I made a research and found of these cases, people found dead and bloodless. There was no trace of blood in their bodies but sometimes police found, well, vampire bites, like the ones I have" she keeps telling.
"When did these killings happen?" Dean asks.
"In the last few weeks. First they were just deaths, then the number increased and violence too. Like he wanted to attract the attention"
"Your attention" Dean completes.
"Yeah. A man though survived and so I went to talk with him. He confirmed all my expectations about the man's nature but he told me more. He told..." she hesitates a bit "he told the vampire was talking to himself while killing them, he said he was doing it for me, because I had to see it at the end, he will have caught me, he clearly said my name..." she says, trying to withhold the sobs. Sam looks at her, sad.
"So, this man knows you and wants something from you" Sam says.
"Yeah, but I don't know what. I mean, I was a vampire hunter, he can be anyone. I'm sure I made a lot of enemies, probably people who doesn't even know me..."
"Yes, indeed. He wants to scare you though. He got in your room but he didn't kill you"
"Yeah, and he spared that man just to let me get his message. He knew I would have asked him, inquired it. And he used it to tell me he's coming to get me,..."
"He's just playing with you. But don't let him win. We are here now so you're safe" Dean tells. "We'll search for him, we'll see what information we have, if we can find his nest and end this soon. Ok, kid?", Alex nods, though a bit shaken. Bruce looks sad at her.
"Can you tell her it's not her fault? Those men's deaths..." Bruce says.
"Yeah, sure, Alex, it's not on you" Sam hurries saying. "You did nothing bad, it's just him"
"You took the best choice, calling us. This is a trap for you Alex, one way or another it was a trap. Now, he won't expect to see the two of us coming"
"Yeah, it's what I told her. Though it took me a while to convince her" Bruce says.
"You left the hunt since too little, it's better we care of it alone, so you won't be tempted to start again"
"Yeah, ok..." she tells lowly, with her head down.
"Bruce, can I have your laptop? So I'll start looking for what I can find..." Sam asks him.
"Yes, sure, I'll take it" he replies, leaving his empty sack of blood on the table. Alex glances around, she's a bit worried, she just hopes this can really end soon.

Sam and Alex are sitting at the table, she is showing the articles to Sam while Bruce stays thoughtful at one side. Dean, seeing him like this, gets closer and starts a conversation.
"What's up man?" he asks. Bruce looks up to him and shrugs his shoulders.
"Nothing, it's just... this story, I'm just a bit worried"
"This story will get solved quickly. But tell me, is there something I should know?" he ask, playful. Bruce looks at him confused. "Don't you have anything to tell me, you didn't forget anything?" Dean smiles mischeviously.
"Ahm, no..." Bruce tells, perplexed. "I got a new job..." he starts telling.
"And what about you and Alex?"
"What? Me and... What??" Bruce replies, even more confused and a bit embarrassed.
"Come on man, you can tell me"
"But no, we're not together... We're just friends, I-I'd never do that, she's more like a sister to me..." Bruce explains, making nervous gestures.
"Really? I see how you look at her..." Dean teases him.
"No, Dean! Come on..."
"Look, I'm not saying anything bad... She's a good girl, she's smart, she's strong and pretty..."
"Dean, stop!" Bruce whispers, Dean chuckles happily.
"You dyed your hair for her?"
"No! And she doesn't even like it..."
"Oh, I'm sorry..." Dean makes fun of him. Bruce looks down, a bit disappointed and Dean shakes his shoulder a bit. Then he reaches Sam and Alex, takes a look at the screen and then sneezes. Alex glances at him.
"God bless you" she says. "Though it seems he already did, pretty face" she adds, smiling.
"Well, don't count on it" Dean replies.
"Consider yourself lucky, she never said that to anyone, not even me" Bruce comments, grumpy. Alex takes a look at him.
"What? Are you jealous now?"
"Yes, sure"
"But I... Well, nothing" she says, turning to the laptop again. Sam looks at them perplexed, Dean pats Bruce's shoulder.
"Come on warrior, you can do it" he comments.
"Shut up..." Bruce says.
"What have you found Sammy?" Dean asks. Sam leaves the keyboard for a while.
"Nothing useful, actually. Though yeah, all the hints point to a vampire. But there aren't enough information to locate a possible nest and there are a lot of possible places here". Dean thinks for a while and then turns to Bruce.
"Maybe you can help us. I remember when I was a vamp, I could smell other vamps and I could find the nest"
"I don't know..." Bruce comments, unsure.
"Dean, is it so necessary?" Alex asks, turning to him.
"Well, we need to find him..." he replies confused.
"Yeah, no, I mean, involving Bruce in this story..."
"Yeah, she doesn't want me to do anything" Bruce tells annoyed.
"But he won't risk anything" Dean reassures her.
"But, Dean, please..."
"Don't listen to her, I'll do that" Bruce intervenes. Sam and Dean look at each other confused.
"Well..." Sam tries.
"Sammy, don't say a word. Whatever thing you say, it's dangerous" Dean warns him.
"But Bruce! Why don't you wanna listen to me? I want you to stay out of it, why should I do like you want every time and you don't want to listen to me?" Alex tells.
"Because I want this to end soon and you to be safe" he ends. "Ok, Dean, I'm in, tell me what I have to do" .

A bit later, Sam is putting a little microphone on him while Bruce fixes a small earphone in his ear and hides it under his hair. Dean takes a machete and conceals it inside Bruce's jacket.
"Ok Bruce, I'm giving you a machete in the case you need it, but don't start a fight for any reason, ok? We'll take care of that, you just have to find the nest and see if you find anything useful inside". Bruce nods.
"Yeah, ok". Alex looks worried at him and shakes her head. Bruce goes to her and raises up her chin.
"I'll be back soon, don't worry" he says, she just nods without saying anything. So, Bruce goes out and focuses on whatever trail he can smell. He can perceive something for real, so he just follows it and walks on the street for a few blocks. He keeps going, the smell is getting confused, he looks around but finds the trace again. Always in contact with Sam and Dean, talking with him and following his path on the laptop at Alex and Bruce's flat, he reaches an abandoned building. It looks like an old shop, left in the power of time and homeless people. Bruce takes a look around to see if anyone is watching him and then gets in.
"Ok, I'm in" he says. Alex nervously rubs her fingers, Dean smiles proud.
"Awesome, little vamp. Keep going and be careful"
"Yeah, ok". Bruce walks cautiously, the place is completely abandoned, there are few bricks on the floor and a lot of dust. An old bar is at one side and for the rest is empty. Bruce observes around and notices a door, half closed, at the end of the room. He slowly goes ahead and reaches the door. Still stealthily, he looks around then pushes the door a bit and peeps inside. There's no one there, so he opens the door and enters. That room is different from the rest, that room is surely inhabited. There's a desk with few things on it, papers, glasses, dishes. There's a journal, a newspaper of the same day. Bruce tells Sam and Dean what he sees.
"Is there anything useful there?" Sam asks.
"I don't know, wait, maybe there are drawers in this desk" he replies. He turns around the desk just to find a locked drawer and an empty one.
"Damn, it's locked" he says, pulling it and raising his look. As he does so, he sees the wall in front of him, behind the door. It's full of pictures and articles cut out of papers. There's a big map of London hanging there with some lines scrabbled on it. Incredulous, he suddenly shuts up and goes to take a closer look.
"Bruce? Bruce, what did you see?" Dean asks.
"Man, this is crazy" he tells, staring at the wall, wide eyes open. "There's a wall completely full with pictures... I-I see Alex here, at home or taking a stroll, and wait... There's me too, I was going out to work..." he tells.
"Someone was dogging you" Sam says, worried. Alex listens even more shaken.
"Yeah, and there are some articles here..." he strains his eyes to read "I think these are about the cases you found... It tells about the death of those people, this other is about the man that survived... Guys, these are the cases where the vampire attacked"
"Yeah, we see" Dean says.
"Who's this man? Why does he take these notes? And he was following us! He was watching us all this time, he kept trace of our movements, in this map I can see where we went last week and even the stroll at Regent's Park of two weeks ago!"
"Yes, Bruce, evidently the man was following you, whatever thing he wants. Can you see anything that can help us identifying him?". Bruce looks around.
"No, I don't know, this is just about us, a whole wall covered with pictures of Alex and me..." he says, and then he stops. He looks toward the door, he heard something.
"Bruce?" Sam calls.
"Wait, I heard something..." he whispers. Sam and Dean look at each other.
"Bruce, get out of there, soon. Don't risk anything" Dean says, serious but not alarmed. "Wait, Dean, I can't... I hear something at the entrance..."
"Bruce, hide then! We're coming" he tells, getting up.
"No, wait..." Bruce tells, looking around, searching for a hiding place, when the door he half-closed opens again. He finds in front of him a man, surely bigger than him, menacingly looking at him. Bruce is surprised at first and a bit afraid, but he won't show him any fear. He's the man he was searching for, the one he wants dead and he's now in front of him. He quickly gets he's not well disposed toward him and therefore he must be the vampire. But he's a vampire too, he doesn't have anything to be afraid of. Or almost.
"What are you doing here?" the man asks, with a menacing tone. Bruce takes a quick glance at the pictures, he surely recognized him from there. Bruce just stares at him angrily, while Sam and Dean talk in his ear.
"Bruce! Come on! Find an excuse and go away!" Sam says.
"Man, don't do stupid things! Get out of there, I promised your girl! Don't start a fight!" Dean tells, in a lively tone. Alex closes her eyes and tries to stay calm, hoping Bruce will take the right choice. Their voices are like his conscience telling him not to risk and so his thoughts of a rapid end of this story vanish.
"I came here to tell you to stop." he replies, firmly. "Mark my words: stop messing up with my girl. Stop following us and leave us alone, or I'll cut off your head next time". He says so, with his eyes shining of yellow and goes away. The vampire cunningly smiles as he passes. Sam and Dean exchange a surprised look, while Alex takes a relieved breath.
"Wow. The little man can be pretty tough" Dean comments.

A bit later, Sam and Dean are preparing their things when Bruce gets home and knocks at the door. Alex runs to open the door and pulls him in. Then she hugs him tight, he's surprised a bit.
"Yeah, I missed you too" he jokes. She leaves him.
"Don't you dare doing it again" she says.
"Yeah, I hope it won't be needed..." he takes a look at Sam and Dean. "Where are you going?"
"To the nest" Dean says. "Hoping the vampire is still there, we'll work this out and end this".
It's night already and Sam and Dean reached the vampire's nest. They held their machetes and cautiously they get in. The place is empty and dark, they look around carefully. Sam takes a look at his brother, Dean shakes his head: he can't see anyone. Sam proceeds ahead, the room is exactly as Bruce described it. There's the door at the end of it, Sam gets closer and pushes it a bit. Even inside there, it's all dark. He opens the door and carefully looks around: it's empty. Therefore he turns on a flashlight and takes a look at the wall with all the pictures. Dean reaches him shaking his head.
"I didn't find anything, he probably went away" he says.
"Or not. Maybe he's just out now" Sam says. Then he points at the wall. "Look, he left everything here. If he went away he would have taken everything"
"Yeah..." he comments, taking a closer look. "Damn Sam, this vamp is crazy. He's obsessed with her, I don't understand what he wants. If he wanted to kill her he could have done it. And why should he go after her? She's a hunter, she could kill him"
"I don't know, there must be something else. Wait, Bruce said there was a locked drawer right?" Sam says, turning around the desk.
"Yeah..." Dean says, taking a look at him.
"Yes, here it is" Sam replies, shaking the desk. "Dean, can you hold the light for a moment?". Dean reaches him and takes the light, while Sam uses his tools to force the lock.
"Sam, be quick. He can come back at any moment". Sam manages to open the drawer and pulls out a folder from inside. He puts it on the desk and Dean points the light over there. Sam quickly browses the pages and pictures inside. Dean looks at them incredulous and astonished. There are other pictures of Alex but not just recent pictures, even old ones, pictures of a young girl. Dean takes up one.
"Wait, this is Alex. Look, I can recognize her eyes" Dean says. "She was so young, she can't be older than 5"
"Yeah... But she was with the vamps at that age" Sam says and then stares at Dean, speechless. "This vampire, was in her nest! That's how he met her and why he wants her. Maybe it's a revenge or he remembers of her and wants her back". Dean leaves that picture on the table, she was sitting at one side, with a sad and subdued attitude, resigned. Dean quickly browses among those sheets. He can find notes about all her whereabouts in the last period, weeks, months, years. He managed to track her down and now to reach her. Sam takes his phone and calls Bruce. Bruce is crossing the street, he went out to buy something to eat and it's now coming home with a bag. He picks up the phone.
"Hey, Sam?"
"Bruce, hey" Sam says, nervously and alarmed. "We found who this guy is, he is from Alex's nest, the nest where she lived"
"Those assholes that abducted her??" he tells, getting in and opening the door with the key.
"Yeah, those. We think it can be a revenge or he probably wants her because of her blood, you know..."
"Yeah... Alex? I'm back" Bruce tells, as he gets in.
"We're trying to find him now, he's not here but he will come back". But Bruce is not so interested, he's looking around, searching for Alex, he can't see her.
"Bruce? Bruce?"
"Yeah, Sam..."
"Bruce? What's going on?" Sam asks, worried.
"I don't know, I can't find her... She's not here" he tells, starting to panic. He goes around the whole house but he can't find her, he calls her.
"What? Bruce, where is she??" Sam asks shocked, Dean looks at him disconcerted. "Where did she go??"
"I don't know Sam, I told her to stay here, I went to buy something, she was hungry, she would have never gone out, she was too scared, she locked inside..." he explains, nervously.
"He took her" Sam ends, Dean looks shocked at him and starts browsing even more quickly. Bruce catches his breath, angry and desperate.
"Sam, you mean that motherfucker took her??" he says, almost crying. "I swear, if he touches her a nail, I swear...!!"
"Bruce, Bruce! Hey, stay calm, we need your help now, we don't know where he took her". Bruce looks around, struck by a sudden idea.
"Sam, I have to go, I have to go"
"No, Bruce! Please, don't do stupid things, no! We need you, no, don't go! Bruce! Bruce!!" but Bruce already closed the call and hurried out of home.
"Damn, damn!!" Sam exclaims, putting away the phone. Dean stays focused on the papers.
"Sammy, look here!!" he says, moving out a page.
"It's a map" Sam says.
"Yeah, it's an abandoned costruction site, few miles away from here" he tells. Quickly, they take the map and hurry out of there.

Alex is unconscious, handcuffed to a grid, leaned vertically to a scaffold inside the unfinished building. She's standing, or better she's hanging. The vampire walks back and forth in front of her, when she slowly wakes up.
"Ah, finally!" he exclaims. Alex stands up and looks terrified at him, she tries to move back but she realizes she can't go anywhere, she's blocked and she has her ankles cuffed too. The vampire gets closer to her, she agitates.
"Stay away! Stay away from me!!" she says, trying to move away. He caresses her cheek.
"Aw, you're so adorable. Can't you recognize me? You were very little the last time we met", she tries to move back and looks at him disgusted, but she can't recognize him.
"You know, your friend came to see me today, he was so sure of himself, he thought he could threaten me. Ha! Poor boy, he will be happy to know what I did to you! Haha!" he laughs and she stares scared at him.
"What do you want from me? Leave me in peace!" she shouts.
"Oh, no, that's not gonna happen. I searched for you for a lot of time, I won't give up now. You know, you don't look as scary and dangerous as many described you...". He shuts up when he hears something. Alex looks around scared, the vampire smells something and smiles cunningly.
"I think we have company girl, your boy will see with his own eyes!" he says, going away. Meanwhile, Bruce gets in the building. The vampire keeps Alex at the second floor and from a parapet he can see the ground floor, where Bruce is silently walking. It's dark, Bruce goes ahead, he looks around but he can't see anyone. Still, he smells the vampire is here and can perceive Alex's smell, he knows that one really well. So, he keeps going when suddenly someone attacks him from behind. The vampire punctures him with a syringe and injects him some dead man's blood. Bruce tries to defend, turns around and pulls it back, tries to hit him back but he feels bad, his sight goes away and he loses his senses quickly. He falls down on the floor.
Later, Bruce is lying on the floor with his hands tied up in the back. Slowly he opens his eyes, his sight is blurred and his head is aching. He utters something, he complains, he tries to move but he's a bit weak and can't use his hands.
"We have him back with us!" the vampire tells, going to him. He pulls him up, Bruce protests but he can't oppose. His sight slowly clears and he sees Alex in front of him, scared and worried, handcuffed to that grid.
"Alex, are you ok?" he asks, worried. She nods, trying not to cry. Bruce agitates and tries to get free.
"Leave me! Leave me!" he says, but the vampire holds him strongly.
"Ah, you don't threaten me anymore now, right? But now you'll watch as I drink your girlfriend's blood!". Alex looks scared at him, Bruce agitates.
"Noo! Don't you dare touch her! Noo!!"
"Or, wait. Maybe you can help me" he says, dragging him close in front of her. "Since when you don't drink blood? Too much right? Can't you smell it? That perfume, it's calling you..." he tells him, forcing him against her neck. He tries to move back, to turn his face, she's terrified, she's going to cry, she closes her eyes, she doesn't know how much he can resist if he forces him like this. Bruce tries to resist, but his eyes turn yellow and his teeth grow longer.
"Come on! What do you need more?! Bite her! Drink her blood! You know hers is not like the others, it's sweet!", Bruce groans, he catches his breath, he keeps saying no. "Sure, I should have expected you ending up with a vampire" he tells her, she looks at him irritated. "That's the only thing you know! Come on! You can't resist her taste!" he presses on Bruce.
"No! I won't hurt her! You should better kill me!" he shouts. Irritated, the vampire grabs a little knife and cuts her neck. She screams in pain and starts crying, her blood flows out and the vampire holds Bruce against her. He waits for him to fall but he doesn't give up, he shakes his head, he yells, he agitates, he stands rigid in front of her, the vampire holds his head against her neck. Bruce can perceive the smell of her blood flowing in front of him and of her fear. But he doesn't want to surrender, he promised her he would have never do that again and he can't let her down. And she's scared, she can feel his breath on her. He closes his eyes and tries to focus on something else, he's sweating, he can't carry on for much longer. Alex cries and catches her breath, desperate. The vampire, tired of Bruce resistance, pulls him away and throws him on the floor. Bruce hits a shelf there and a large piece of glass falls down from its top. The glass is almost going to fall over his neck, but he tosses around and manages to avoid it. The glass crashes on the floor, Alex stares at the scene disconcerted, for a moment he risked to get beheaded and killed. Then she turns her eyes on the vampire, he's going to her.
"You don't know what you've just lost, little idiot" he tells Bruce and bites her neck. She screams in pain, she tries to move away but she can't. Bruce agitates on the floor, trying to get rid of the ropes.
"Noo!! Stop it, stop it! Leave her!" he screams, but he can't do anything. Alex can't move from there, she just cries and yells, but her voice slowly decreases as the vampire keeps sucking her blood. Desperate, Bruce searches for the first thing he can find near him, a piece of glass. He tries to take a big one and he manages. With some efforts, he tries to cut the ropes, he rubs the glass on the string but he just ends up cutting his own wrist. He complains a bit, but he can't give up. As his blood flows out, he insists on using the glass. His hands are full of his blood but at the end he gets free. He quickly gets up and assaults him from behind. He grabs his shoulders and violently drags him away from Alex's neck. She's losing senses and can't keep her eyes open, her neck is dirty with her blood. Bruce still holds the man and pushes him against the parapet. But the man is strong too, maybe stronger than him and catches his arms. Suddenly, he forces Bruce against the parapet and tries to throw him down. Bruce holds to him and tries not to look down: just a quick look causes him dizziness. The vampire pushes Bruce's back out but he, scared and angry, collects all his forces and throws him down. The man makes a seven meters flight to the ground, yelling and crashing on the floor. Bruce looks down terrified and before the vampire can stand up again, Sam cuts off his head. They arrived there just now and look up. Bruce stares at them shocked and then quickly runs back to Alex. She fainted and Bruce holds up her head, shaking her. She opens her eyes slowly.
"Alex! Alex, hey! Come on, look at me, look at me baby. Don't faint, please" he says. "Sam and Dean are coming, we will take you away from here, come on, resist".

Bruce is still holding her up and talking to her, when Sam and Dean reach the second floor, running.
"Hey, Sam! Dean! Come on, please, help me!" Bruce says. Dean helps him taking her up and talks to her.
"Hey sweetheart, we're here, we'll take you down, don't worry" he says, smiling. She smiles a bit too and mumbles a confused thank you. Sam takes his tools and starts forcing the handcuffs.
"Bruce, I had told you to stay there! We could have come here faster" Dean scolds him a bit. He looks at him.
"But I had to, I couldn't leave her here, I had to do something, who knows what that son of a bitch wanted to do to her!"
"Yeah, but we needed your help. But doesn't matter now, it's over". Sam unlocks the cuffs at her wrists and Bruce holds her in his arms. Quickly Sam unlocks the ones at her feet too. She clinges tightly to Bruce and cries on his shoulder. He holds her and caresses her head.
"Hey, don't cry... It's over, you're safe now..." he whispers her. Sam and Dean look sad at them but also relieved because they managed to save her.
"Are you ok?" she asks with her voice suffocated by his clothes.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm good, don't worry..." he replies, lowly. Dean rubs her back a bit.
"You've been strong, you resisted 'til the end..."
"Sure, I couldn't hurt you for any reason, even if he threatened me with a blade..." he tells, she coughs a bit. As she turns her head a bit, Dean sees Bruce's hand covered with blood and he's dirting her too. He quickly warns him and pulls Alex away.
"Bruce! Hey, look out, you're bleeding!" Dean says. Sam helps Dean taking Alex and Bruce looks at them, confused. He takes a look at his hand: his wound started bleeding again and his hand is covered with blood. Alex keeps coughing, her mouth is dirty with his blood, she evidently drank some. Bruce looks shocked at her and incredulous. Sam and Dean try to calm her and hold her.
"Oh my God, what have I done..." Bruce says, shocked, stepping back.
"Bruce, don't worry, we have the cure, don't worry, we'll fix this..." Sam says. Bruce still looks disconcerted at him, Alex holds to Dean, scared and trying to avoid any light.

Later on the same night, they all come back home. Dean prepared the cure for Alex and now she's drinking it from a cup, sitting on the couch. She's still a bit shaken and trembling. Bruce is sitting next to her, pale as usual and red-lipped as usual. He feels a bit guilty for what happened, he looks down at his hands wrapped up with bandages. Sam is sitting in the arm of an armchair in front of her and Dean is still standing.
"How are you feeling?" Sam asks her, she looks up.
"A bit confused. But if you're referring to the wounds, I'm ok" she replies.
"You'll be fine quickly" Dean reassures her.
"And you, Bruce?" asks Sam.
"I'm fine..." he says.
"Man, don't mind about what happened" says Dean, "it's been an accident, we know you didn't want to"
"Yean, but...". Alex looks at him.
"Bruce, don't worry. I'm fine, you saved me, that's what matters" she says, he smiles a bit. "So, who was that man?" she asks to the Winchesters. Meanwhile, Bruce goes taking a sack of blood and drinks a bit.
"He was a vampire from your nest" tells Dean "the one you lived with. Surely he wanted to have your blood again, who knows, maybe he wanted to take you with him, like the old times". Alex looks down, a bit shaken.
"He has been following you for a long while" Sam says, "but he just managed now to reach you, because you stopped moving. He wanted to attract you in his nest, that's why he killed so much and ever more violently. We don't know if he knew you quit, but in any case that would have alarmed you. But when he saw it wasn't working, he decided to break in here, when Bruce wasn't here, because he just wanted to scare you. He wanted to have you in his power, he wanted you to go to him. Probably he didn't even know Bruce was a vampire until they met. And surely your kidnap of tonight has been a quick reply to Bruce's break-in in his nest."
"This is crazy..." she comments.
"Yeah. But it's over now. We solved everything in just one day."
"You'll fly back tomorrow?"
"Yeah, there are important cases waiting for us in Kansas" Dean tells, even a bit sad.
"Well, thank you then. You saved me, again... I owe you a lot"
"Don't worry kid, you're a good girl, we will always be here to help you" Dean smiles. "In fact, if you ever need help again, of any kind, just call us. Both of you" Dean tells Bruce. He nods, she keeps drinking. The cure must be pretty disgusting. Bruce gets up and gets closer to Dean.
"Dean, can we talk for a minute?" he says, lowly. Dean looks at him a bit surprised.
"Yeah, sure" he tells. Bruce moves away near the kitchen and Dean follows him. Sam takes a curious look at them, Alex turns around suspicious and stares at Bruce, interrogative. He puts out his tongue to her and she laughs, turning back again.
"What's up?" Dean asks. Bruce looks down for a while.
"I thought about what you said, this morning when you were teasing me about my feelings for Alex..." he tells with a low voice and making gestures. Dean smiles at him playfully.
"I was right, wasn't I?"
"I-I don't know... I'm not sure, I still have to reflect a bit on it. But, well, I like her, yeah, we're good friends, we're pretty close. But I wanted an advice..."
"About what?"
"You know, Dean, she's a bit particular, she never had big human relations, it's all new to her, she's very sensitive. And I don't wanna hurt her. I'm afraid I can do that, not just physically but emotionally. If it ever happens, she will suffer for it. It's not like all the other girlfriends I had, she doesn't open easily to anyone but when she does, if she gets hurt she suffers badly. And I don't want to be the cause of this..." he tries to explain. Dean holds his shoulders.
"Bruce, listen to me. She's strong. And you got a pretty big crush for her" he smiles, Bruce chuckles a bit. "Alex knows what she wants and she really cares about you. You're the only person she opened up to, she listens to you and she even left her life for you. Do you know what it means? Yeah, she likes you too. You should show her some of the love she never had. And don't worry, you're probably the only person who can get her heart. She's lovely and I can see you two together, you'd look good. You want to protect her and she wants just good for you. So, just try it, it will go well. And about hurting her, well, just don't do that. She's dangerous, remember she's the only one who knows how to kill you" he jokes. Bruce laughs.
"Yeah, she would kill me..."
"Yeah. So, ok? You will talk to her?", Bruce reflects for a while. "Tell me how it ends, ok?"
"Yeah, sure". Dean hugs him and pats his back.
"See you, little man"
"Thank you Dean, for everything". Sam says hi to Alex, she stands up and hugs him, she disappears in his arms. Then they reach Dean and Bruce. Sam salutes Bruce and Alex hugs Dean.
"Stay safe, kid" he says.
"You too, guys. Beware while saving the world" she says, smiling. So, Sam and Dean go away, smiling at them. Alex closes the door and smiles at Bruce, standing in front of her. She's a bit thoughtful.
"Bruce, I wanted to thank you" she starts. "You saved me, you risked a lot, you tried everything and did everything just to protect me. Thank you"
"Well, you know. I always told you, I'd do everything to have you safe"
"Yeah. And you see why I didn't want you to get involved, see? You got hurt again" she tells, taking his wounded hand.
"Oh, it's nothing, just a scratch..." he says, smiling. She stops talking but she still holds his hand. He looks a bit perplexed and when she realizes the embarrassment of the moment, she leaves him. She's going back to the couch, head down. Then she stops, Bruce observes her, trying to understand what she's going to do. She turns around.
"Bruce, can I ask..." she starts, "Can you hug me?". He smiles at her.
"Sure, come here" he says, hugging her tight. She puts her arms around his waist and holds to him, leaning her head on his shoulder and enjoying the moment. He holds her head to him and lullies her a bit.
"You know, you're warmer than I expected" he comments, smiling. She chuckles a bit. "I guess you're not hungry tonight, right?"
"No... I just want to hug you"
"Ok, good" he ends, smiling.


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