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lavoro pubblicato martedì 24 maggio 2016
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The Giants of Argentaria

di DrWatson. Letto 580 volte. Dallo scaffale Straniera

Ultimo sequel di 1. Back to Agarthi, 2. The Chinese Dragon. Per questa storia, ho preso ispirazione da veri ritrovamenti e da un paesaggio che esiste davvero. Ovviamente, tutto quello cucito intorno, è fantasia :)

As I said the last time, I couldn't stand to stay in Sardinia anymore, I couldn't stand to stay so far away from him. When we came back from China, after our incredible and scary adventure, I stayed few days at Bruce's, in London, to spend the few relax days we should have had in China and to recover a bit from the terrible scare of losing him. After that, I came back home because my parents were worried too. I stayed a couple of months there, resuming my job at the radiotelescope, but I already had the intention of leaving. And Bruce kept asking me, to reach him in England, and live with him. So, after they completed the tour, I decided to accept and leave. My parents weren't that happy because I was going far from home but they couldn't do anything, if not just accept it. So I moved to London and went living with Bruce. I found a job at the university here, at the observatory and sometimes I collaborate with some archaeologists there. Few months passed and was summer again. Bruce and I were going to celebrate our first year together but at early summer my parents also asked me to come around for holidays. I was a bit sad but I had to come down. Bruce encouraged me to go also because he was working with the guys at the new album. Therefore, I took a plane and flew back to Sardinia. I arrived in a few hours and took a bus from the airport to my town, Iglesias. It was lunch time and I was really tired. But when I was finally coming home, I had a strange and unexpected surprise. The bus was just entering the town when I looked outside the window and saw a weird figure on the ground: it was made with stones, like a small wall, but it was circular. It was covered with grass and earth and so a bit difficult to notice, but with a bit of imagination, I soon recognized the lichens on the rock. That couldn't be a new construction, not even the Pisans enclosing walls of the town are so worn. That was old, very old, and circular, with an old and partially destroyed house, built just next to it. The perimeter was little but the stones stretched for few meters all around, in a long fence of stones, hidden by the trees. I had never seen it before because it's visible only from the downward point of view of the bus. I thought of it the whole day, I asked my father, I made researches but I had my idea on it: it was an old prehistorical building, maybe a nuraghe, still concealed under meters and meters of mud. The small stones and the small perimeter made me think it was just the top of it, and so even the circular shape was explained. The lichens reminded me of those from other nuraghes I had visited, and they were all covered in mud before being discovered. And the house: it was ancient use to build houses next to nuraghes or even to include them in the house, just like it happened here. Yes, I had already everything clear in my mind, I had to dig it out. So, I made researches on my own, at the Archive, on the web,... No one ever wrote anything about it, no one noticed it. Though, other nuraghes were discovered in the neighbourhood and this area has always been inhabited, thanks to minerary wealth. It's been a bit difficult and it took a bit, but I collected all the information and evidences I could and brought them to the Superintendence. Luckily, they already knew me, I worked for them before and they surely recalled my previous adventure with the nuraghe in Oristano. I asked them to give me the allowance to start an excavation there, I would have led it and I would have cared of everything. They were a bit unsure at first but then they accepted, only if I would have paid everything by myself, because they didn't have money to invest in such an unsure cause. I couldn't let this occasion slip from my hands, so I turned to Bruce for help. I asked him to invest his money and some of the band's to fund my research. He knows me very well and knows that if I do something, it's because I really believe in it. I have my feet pretty firmly on the ground and I never asked him anything. Also, he was really eager and curious to see it, so he accepted happily. The excavation was going ahead since one month already and we were finding very interesting things. The boys completed the recording of the album, Bruce finished early his vocal parts so he came down to see how things were going, while his mates were completing some other parts. And surely he came down also because he missed me.
The day he was coming to my town, I went to the train station to wait for him. I stood there, impatiently waiting but trains always arrive late here. It was at mid-morning when the train finally arrived. I was so happy and excited to see him again and I was almost jumping with joy. The train stops and the doors open. A lot of people come down from there and among them I quickly see my boy, bringing all his bags and a trolley, with his beautiful hair loosened on his shoulders. He fights a bit with his bags and I observe him smiling from aside, but then he looks up and sees me. He soon smiles widely and all the nervous goes away. He hurries towards me and I go to him. He leaves all his bags on the ground and holds me tight to him. He kisses me for a long while.
"Hello honey, I'm so happy to see you!" he says, stopping for a while. I start kissing him again and hold his cheek.
"You let your facial hair to grow a bit" I say, smiling and caressing him.
"Actually, I was too lazy to shave" he replies.
"Mm, doesn't matter, I like it...". He holds me closer and goes down with his hand. I smile and laugh a bit, without detaching my lips from his.
"Bruce, remember we're in a public place..." I say to him.
"I don't care, we don't see each other since a whole month, can you believe it? I have all the reasons" he tells. I smile at him and then move back, taking some of his bags.
"You wanna come home? Are you tired?"
"Yeah, a bit. During the whole travel I saw more sheeps than people" he comments, taking up his trolley. I chuckle, leading him out of the station.

After a few minutes, we reached my parents' house and showed him for the first time how it looks like. I took him to my room and he looked around, curious and amazed.
"Pink? It's all pink!" he comments, entertained. I laugh too.
"Yeah, well... Why are you laughing?"
"Because, pink? It's not your colour, you're not the girl who has a pink room. Or that's what I thought" he jokes.
"Actually, I didn't choose the colour" I say, posing his bags on my bed. He observes around and smiles at my Ferrari wallpaper. Then he turns around and sees my bed. He soon goes to sit on it and jumps a bit, happily.
"Your bed! It's so comfy!" he exclaims "I think I'll have a little sleep here later"
"Haha, yeah, sure" I say. But actually at the end we stayed sitting on the couch, kissing. We didn't see each other since a lot, we had always been together in the last months so it was hard. He stayed sitting and I was half climbing on him, with a leg between his. He hold me up with his arms around my back and a hand under my shirt. And we were happily kissing.
"Mm, Bruce, I have to tell you..." I warn him "my mum is upstairs and my father can come back from work at any time"
"Bollocks!" he exclaims "this is so annoying". I smile at him.
"That's why we can't host you here... You see? My sister stays here too" I say, referring to the two beds in front of him. "We wouldn't have much space... It's better if you stay at the hotel"
"Ok, ok, perfect. So, I will wait for you to come to my room, ce soir ?" he says, with a fascinating French accent. I smile at him.
"M-mh, yeah, sure, if you ask me like this... You even speak French" I joke.
"Oui, cheri, je parle français seulment pour toi, mon amour..." he tells. I smile at him even wider and kiss him. We were busy at the moment... but my mum gets downstairs with my dog. And my dog swiftly runs to me and jumps on the couch. I see him in time and move away from Bruce, but he jumps on him and hits him while coming to me. Bruce shouts a bit and lays down on the couch while I happily rub my dog, which was licking my face.
"Oh, Alvin!! My beautiful doggy!" I say, when I notice Bruce aching on the couch. I quickly turn to him and caress his arm, trying to pull him up.
"Bruce? Are you ok? Did he hurt you?" I ask. Bruce nods a bit.
"Yeah, well, doesn't matter..." he whispers.
"Chicco, you hurt Bruce! You saw?" I tell my dog, who looks at me and tilts his head. Bruce sits again and takes a look at my dog. I caress his belly a bit.
"Better?" I ask. He looks at me with a painful expression.
"Yeah, but I can assure you my belly is ok, he didn't actually hit me there" he says. I laugh a bit.
"Oh... Haha, don't worry, it will pass soon" I say, kissing him.
"Yeah..." he comments. As my dog sees me kissing Bruce, he jumps again and I have to hold him before he can jump on Bruce again, who was looking at him worried. Then, my dog goes away and comes back a bit later with my mother. Now, she doesn't speak English and I translated every sentence to Bruce every time, but here I will write everything in English directly.
"Oh, you're back" she says to me. Then looks at Bruce "Bruce, hello". He stands up smiling, a bit shy.
"Hello madam" he says while my mother kisses him in the cheeks. He's actually a bit surprised.
"How are you Bruce? After what happened..."
"Fine, thanks. Yeah, it's been a bit tough but I'm good now, thanks". I translate every time and look smiling proud at him.
"Do you wanna stay here for lunch with us?" my mum asks. Bruce smiles happily and a bit surprised.
"Oh yeah, sure, thank you!" he replies.
"Ok, Arianna, I'll call you when it's ready" my mum says, then goes upstairs again with Alvin. Once she's gone, Bruce turns to me, a bit shocked.
"Your mum just kissed me" he says. I laugh at him, his childish surprise is really adorable.
"Yeah, well, it's a common Italian salute" I explain him.
The afternoon, Bruce was sitting on the couch, all relaxed and holding his stomach.
"Gosh, I'll never eat again like this" he comments. I chuckle a bit, while turning on my laptop.
"Bruce, you shouldn't have eaten that much if you didn't want to"
"Your father challenged me!" he exclaims, almost incredulous of my sentence.
"Yeah, but he eats a lot"
"Ugh... You should have told me before..." he says, I smile. Later, he's sleeping in my bed. He's finally resting a bit after the long travel, I put a light sheet over him. He looks like a little quiet angel, sleeping in my bed, my little angel. Meanwhile, I go at my laptop and check the latest information on the excavations. I take a look at the map of the area, the nuraghe is really just outside town, exactly next to the last houses, but it still takes a big space. The diggings are pulling out other parts of walls which were hidden underground before. It will be a long and interesting work.

The night, I stayed with Bruce to make him company on the first night at the hotel. He decided to go in the nearest hotel to my house, just few minutes away. But the next morning I had to go to work, so I took my alarm clock with me. At half past six, it rings. Bruce took a single room so we had to sleep squeezed in a single bed. I actually thought I was at home and stretched my arm to reach the alarm clock, but doing so I inadvertently hit his nose. He was lying on one side, with his back to me and started groaning as I hit him, but at least I turned off the alarm.
"Oh, baby, excuse me!" I say, trying to make him forgive me. I pose a hand on his forearm, tossing him to me.
"Ouch..." he comments, massaging his nose.
"Did I hurt you?" I ask, taking his hand away and kissing his nose.
"Yeah, but... Well, it's better now" he says, smiling.
"Sorry..." I add, giving him another kiss. Then I, even though sleepy and tired, sit in the bed and I was going to stand up when he takes my arm and holds me down.
"Where are you going? Come on, it's still early..." he says, even sleepier than me.
"Bruce, I have to go..."
"Just five more minutes, having a good sleep is important..." he tells, pulling me down. It's difficult to say no when he smiles at you and looks at you like that.
"I have to go to work, Bru..." I explain. He looks at me a bit sad. "You can come too, if you want"
"Can I? Really?" he asks, suddenly happy.
"Yes, sure, you're the funder of the excavation" I say, smiling.
"Ok, then. I'll come too" he accepts, still dragging me down to kiss me.
"But don't put on shorts, put a pair of jeans" I say.
"Why?" he looks at me, confused. I can't with this boy, haha.
So, we went to the site together. Bruce was looking all around curious, he had never put feet in my town so it was all new. We reached the place where some guys were already working. I showed Bruce the whole thing: the wall made of little bricks was ever more visible, every day some more parts were dug out and now it was some meters out of the ground. Generally nuraghes are pretty high so there still was a lot underground. My employees were kneeling down and sweeping off the dust from some rocks we had found there and some other were working near the wall of the building, moving the earth away. Bruce looks around, happy and curious. I take him to the gazebo where we kept our most sensible instruments and some of our maps.
"So, what did you find here?" he asks, interested.
"It's still the beginning, but what you see out there-" I say, indicating the wall "I'm pretty sure that's a prehistoric building, and the kind of the ones you already know. It's early, but already from the part we dug out you can notice it goes up ever narrower 'til the top"
"So it's almost sure it's a conic building. Also, just the other day, we found a different stone..." I say, looking around among the papers.
"What stone?" he asks, trying to understand what I'm doing.
"Ahm, a lighter rock. I little piece of rock of another colour, lighter than the ones in the wall. So, I thought it could come from some other place. I don't know actually, I already sent it to the university to analyze that"
"When will you get the results?"
"It doesn't take a lot, probably in a few days we'll have them. You know, I didn't expect that. It was a little piece and I couldn't make anything of it, what it was, or what it was used for... So, we can just wait and see"
"Yeah, I see..." he says, thoughtful.
"Am I going well, boss?" I joke, smiling.
"Oh, yeah, you're doing so good" he says "Can I ask you something?" he whispers.
"Yeah, sure" I say, perplexed by his attitude.
"Do you think it can have anything to do with what we already saw down there? One year ago?". It was a hard question.
"Ahm... I don't know, probably not, probably yes. What we saw that time was incredible, something that doesn't happen often and that is still unexplainable. But these buildings, these are very frequent. Probably, whoever built them, did that over some other ancient site they found, as a signal or as a temple. But probably the answer is still far away" I say.
"Yeah..." he comments, taking another look around.

For the next days, we went ahead with the excavations and we went pretty deep. A lot of the wall was visible and I was really happy about the new findings. Bruce sometimes came to see, he really enjoyed being around there but he was also willing to take a look around the town, and unluckily I couldn't go with him, I had to work. One day I was at the site and I was checking some papers there. That exact day the results of the spectroscopy from university had arrived and I was reading the results, curiously. It was a hot day and I was staying under the tent, focused on the documents when someone holds my sides from behind and pulls me to him, whispering in my ear.
"Good morning, hottie. How are you?" Bruce tells me, with a playful tone. I was actually surprised to find him there, I thought he was at the hotel or around town, but I was very happy to have him there.
"Hi, Bruce! Why are you here?" I ask, turning my head to him, while he kisses me. He was wearing an adorable t-shirt with a big childish elephant on it and the line 'Save the elephants'.
"I thought of making you a surprise..." he says "couldn't I come?"
"Sure you could, you always can" I say, smiling at his fake sad expression. "In fact, you came in the exact right moment" I add, waving the paper in front of him.
"What's this?"
"The results on the sample I sent to university, the results of the analysis"
"Ok! So? What's this?" he asks, curious and happy.
"So, they made a spectroscopy to identify the material and they say it's sandstone"
"Sandstone?" he asks, a bit disappointed.
"Yes... But it's strange" I say thoughtful "I mean, why should this be here? And it's not the only piece we found."
"Ahm... I don't understand..."
"This kind of stone was used for statues or things like that. It was used in Egypt and many other places for this purpose. But why should this be here?" I ask. He looks at me, a bit puzzled.
A bit of time later, Bruce went to take a closer look at the excavations while I took a little break. I went to the bar, just next to the site, with one of my employees, who worked with me. We sat at the bar, he offered me a coffee and we were chatting, about the excavation, the new findings and what they could be and then he asked something about my personal career.
"So, you already worked in a site like this" he says, drinking some coffee.
"Yes, I worked as a simple employee near Oristano, last year"
"Ah, you made a lot of progresses! And what did you do?"
"Archaeoastronomical researches, the ones I will make here too, as soon as we dig out enough things" I explain.
"Interesting..." he comments. "And I heard you live in London now". I laugh a bit.
"Yeah, I live and work there, actually. I was here on holiday" I tell. At that moment, Bruce enters the bar, looking around, surely searching for me. He finds me there and quickly comes to us, giving a bad stare to the guy, who in turn was looking badly at him.
"Oh, you're here, love!" says Bruce, taking me and kissing me passionately and for an exceedingly long time. I was actually surprised because we never do that openly in public, he knows I don't like it. But I was more surprised than everything else at that moment. Meanwhile the guy gets Bruce is trying to make him go away and therefore he leaves, telling he should start working again. Bruce smiles happily as he goes away and then sits next to me.
"Bruce, was it really necessary?" I ask then, when he went away. Bruce turns to me.
"Yeah, it was absolutely necessary" he replies. I smile a bit.
"What, are you jealous now?"
"No, but clearly it was necessary. Better clearing things up soon"
"You are jealous" I tease him.
"You are my girl. And he was flirting with you" he says, a bit nervous.
"What? No, we were just talking"
"Yeah, sure, maybe for you. To him, it wasn't just a chat"
"Oh, come on Bruce..."
"Come on, Ari... You're a beautiful, smart girl and I'm not the only one who got that here" he says, with a somewhat fierce tone. I just keep drinking my coffee, he looks at me a bit upset, when another one of my collaborators hurries up inside the bar and calls me because they found something.

We get out of the bar and walk to the nuraghe. My archaeologists were kneeling down, sweeping off some earth, and the one who came to call me had a piece of rock in her hands. We go to her and she hands me the stone. I take a look at it: evidently it was sandstone, the same kind of stone we found there and whose results came the same morning. Bruce looks over my shoulder, trying to understand what my thoughts are. I toss the rock in my hands but one thing attracts my attention: there is a sign on it, a long incision with a precise curvature, like a circle. It's not complete but the sign is deep and sharp. The archaeologist looks at me, waiting for my opinion.
"What are you thinking?" asks Bruce. I glance at him.
"This is particular... You see this sign? It can't be a casualty or a sign of time" I say, pointing at it.
"You think it's human-made?" he asks, puzzled.
"Yes, I think so. It's too precise and circular, it's been made with the intention to do it" I say, when another guy calls me.
"Hey, boss! We found more here!" he shouts, from the other side of the building. Bruce and I hurry there and the guy shows me another piece of rock, with another incision. I look at it and stare at it, surprised. Bruce looks surprised at me, because of my surprise, he didn't actually see what I had seen. But there was something in that stone that I had seen before. There was a braiding engraved in the stone, a long, thin, perfect braiding.
"What happened?" asks Bruce. I show him the marks, putting the stone in front of his nose. He crosses his eyes a bit to see and then moves back.
"You see this?" I ask, trying to withhold excitement.
"Ye... Yes. It's another incision" he says.
"It's not a common one, I have seen it before." I turn to my employees, "Keep searching here. If I'm right we should find a lot more of these pieces, keep digging out" I say, taking Bruce in a separated area. It wasn't a very secret thing but it was my hypothesis and, being unsure, I wanted to share it just with him.
"So? What is it?" he asks, confused.
"Well, when I was working in Oristano, I had heard of this new restoration going on. In the seventies, near the town, a few giants' statues had been discovered in a field. They were made with sandstone and were really huge, something like two meters tall or even more" I tell with excitement. He listens to me, anxious to know more. "They called them Giants of Mont'e Prama and they were abandoned in a museum. Their restoration started few years ago, but this doesn't matter. Twenty five of them have been dug out from underground, they were collapsed to the ground but surely they were standing when someone built them up. They were posed on some squared stones, over a necropolis. They had different poses, three types, that archaeologists called boxer, archer and warrior. Well, they had some different characteristics but they all had big circular eyes, just two concentric circles, and few braidings at the sides of their faces" I say, almost trembling with enthusiasm. Bruce is a bit confused.
"So, you think these pieces can be part of statues like the ones you described?"
"Yes! I mean, I saw some pictures of those Giants and I can assure you they are identical! Same kind of stone, same features. We still don't know what was their use back then, probably they were part of a temple or of a sacred place anyway. And maybe we can find them here too"
"Built by the same people?"
"Yes. Their poses are exactly the ones of the little bronze statues typical of nuragic times, so surely they are of the place. They have been made here"
"And those people had the technology to do that? You said they are gigantic statues"
"Yes. And well, I don't know precisely what kind of technologies they had, but probably no one knows that. This is more like your field, you should inform on that"
"Yeah, I should" he says, thoughtful. "I heard of other megalithic buildings in the Mediterranean Sea of this kind, in Spain or Malta..."
"Yeah, exactly. They evolved almost contemporarily. And they had similar features. Still, you can find nuraghes just here, like you can find some other things just in Spain"
"This is crazy, but I like it. And I don't remember they were famous for their techniques..."
"No... That's what it's said. But the fact is no one knows yet. Anyway, those giant statues now became the first example of statues of the kind in the Mediterranean"
"Really? Wow" he exclaims, surprised.
"Yeah. And you know what? I read of something, though no one actually talked much about it... But a man said to have seen similar statues near a source of water in another little town here in Sardinia. They had never been found, probably they had been taken away, I don't know the reliability of the source, but this new discovery makes me think of it... If those statues were more diffused than we think? Maybe they were there and here too, maybe they put them on places they thought were sacred, like water sources"
"Are there water sources here?"
"I have no idea. But this whole area is famous for the extraction of minerals, especially silver. You see that tower?" I ask, pointing at an old furnace behind me. He looks at that.
"That was a furnace used to melt silver, in more modern times. But this place is full of wealthy minerals. Or at least, it was"
"Ok, ok, let me think for a while" he says, holding his head. Maybe I threw at him too many news with too much excitement. "We are now searching for some old, gigantic statues here buried underground, next to an old nuraghe, maybe considered a sacred place by ancient people because of the richness of the area around here?"
"Yes, exactly." I cut short, waiting for some other comment from him.
"Well, it makes sense. It's a bit weird, but it makes sense" he ends. I smile happily at him.

Researches went ahead, we dug out a huge part of the nuraghe and all around its wall we kept finding these pieces of sandstone, decorated with incisions. Not much time passed until we found a bigger part, and another big one and so on. We were really finding some ancient statues and we had the evidences. In a little time we have been able to demonstrate that and some artists took the job to reproduce them and restore them. It was a big discovery. The news had a big success in local newspapers and a bit on a national level too, but soon got forgotten there. But here, in Sardinia, it remained a hot news for much time, everyone was proud of it. So proud that it was a problem actually. It was known that the money came from an English funding and this wasn't very much accepted by many people. Some of them started to unite in associations to "protect the Giants", they said, to keep them on the national soil. I didn't like this attitude actually but I was sure no problems would have arisen, nor from the protests or from Bruce. If everything stayed like this, everything would have gone well and we would have been able to finish the excavation. Bruce meanwhile, was all in his world. He was really happy and curious about the story, and I found him a bit more attached than usual but still he wanted to visit many historic places and so I let him go around town. One night I was staying at the hotel with him, we were watching a movie, sitting on his bed. He was holding me with his arms around my stomach, like I was some kind of teddy bear. He was so focused on the TV, he pulled me up a bit and I glanced at him. He looks at me and smiles.
"You know, Bruce, we made some georadar inquiries today" I start telling him.
"Yeah? And what did you find?"
"We found that... This is going to be something big. The radar showed many irregularities underground. Obviously we can't be sure of what they are until we dig out there, but I'm pretty sure there are many statues buried there" I tell.
"This is awesome. It's beautiful news"
"Yes, and it seems they were all standing around the nuraghe, like guardians. Can you imagine what could it be to see such a thing? A huge nuraghe with these enormous statues of giants all around..." I comment, flying with my imagination. He smiles at me.
"It looks awesome as you describe it. Ha! I made some researches about the ancient people of here" he says. "I went to the Archive and read something... It's full of mysteries, indeed! There is little known about nuragic people's technology. They don't even know how they built those things or how they could take those stones around"
"Yeah, it's not so clear"
"And I also found of many legends, of strange people, who thinks they could have come here, who doesn't even think they ever reached Sardinia..." he reflects, interested.
"You're referring to the Shardana?"
"Yes, exactly. To me, the similarities in the name are pretty evident. Still some doesn't even name Sardinia. And it confuses me. If these people were as good as they tell, maybe they are behind all this"
"The constructors of these statues?"
"Yeah, why not? Whoever built them, had to be skilled. Those are giant and single-block pieces of rock. It's something incredible" he says, all excited. I look at him, amused.
"Yeah, you're right" I say. But at this point I was really tired and he got that. So I just curled against him and closed my eyes. He hugged me tighter and started caressing my head. I was feeling so good and his hug is really warm. He leaned his head on mine, focusing on the TV. I was tired but still awake when he took a look at me to see if I was sleeping already. I could feel him and smiled at him, with my eyes closed. He kissed my nose and then I quickly fell asleep.

One night, Bruce had invited me to go out for a dinner and eat pizza, just in front of his hotel. I was actually curious and excited, who knew why he had invited me out and just to take a pizza. But maybe he just wanted to do something particular. He asked me to dress up a bit elegant because he wanted it to be a beautiful night. So I did, and went to his hotel, all happy and excited. I found him already in front of the pizzeria, waiting for me and dressed in a beautiful way. He was wearing a white shirt and jeans, with a black jacket and he had brushed his hair perfectly. And it was strange! He always goes around with messy hair and he doesn't care, moreover it was weird to see him with something different than a pair of colourful shorts. So, I smiled at him and hurried to reach him. He smiles at me happy, showing all his teeth. He's so adorable when he smiles like this. So, I grab his jacket collar and pull him to me to kiss him.
"You're so pretty and elegant tonight! Why so?" I ask.
"Because I'm going out with my girl" he explains, proudly. Then, he leads me in and to our table. He booked one near the window to the road and we were in an uncrowded room, an intimate thing. I was amused by all this and I loved it. We ordered our pizzas and started eating, talking and chatting. We were talking about the research when he puts down his slice and looks at me. I look at him, a bit puzzled.
"What's up?" I ask. He takes down my slice too and I look at him confused. "What? I can't eat?"
"I wanna tell you something" he says.
"Ok, what's this?". He waits for a while and thinks, looking around. I wait, curious and perplexed.
"Damn" he says "I prepared a speech but I forgot it, it's been useless" he adds, discomforted. I smile at him, he was so cute.
"Haha, why? What do you have to tell me?" I ask, spontaneously.
"Yeah, ok. So," he starts, searching something in his jacket's pocket. "I thought about it, and well, nothing..." he gets up and kneels in front of me. "Will you marry me?". He was showing me a beautiful ring in its box and I was staring at him incredulous. I think I stayed speechless for a few seconds, I totally didn't expect this. I was shocked and I couldn't believe in my eyes. He was there, kneeling in front of me, with a beautiful ring shining before my eyes.
"I-I..." I try to say, stuttering a bit. "Ah, but Bruce, we're together since... just one year, don't you think it's too early?". He looks at me confused and a bit hurt.
"No! It's not too early. I thought on it, I love you and I want to call you my wife! So, will you? Marry me??!" he asks again. I was surprised and a bit scared, but he was enough brave for both of us. His reply has been convincing.
"So... Yeah, ok. Yes, sure, I will" I say, smiling and a bit moved, pulling him up. He looks at me so happy and I stand up to hug him. He holds me tight and keeps telling he loves me. Then we kiss and he leaves me just to give me the ring he bought. He puts it in my finger and I keep looking at it, incredulous.
"Wow, it's beautiful Bruce" I say, still a bit shocked. I could see that he was a bit moved too, he had lucid eyes.
"Yeah, in fact I would have forced you to say yes just because it took me a lot to find a proper jewellery here and even more to make me understand" he tells. He's the perfect guy and I wouldn't have imagined him to be so formal in these things. We hug again and then sit at our table again.
"I'm so happy you said yes"
"Why, were you afraid I could reject you?"
"Well, you were almost..."
"Oh, no, I was just surprised. I didn't expect this!" I say, he looks at me smiling. "But it doesn't have anything to do with what happened few days ago... at the bar..." I try, suspicious. He looks at me hurt.
"No! This is just about you and me, and the fact that I love you more than everything else" he says, a bit mad. I soon get my question was a bit out of place... Actually a bit too much.
"No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that..." I try to fix everything. "I know you do...". He looks down at his pizza again.
"Steve suggested me to ask you here, in your land of birth" he tells. I smile at him.
"You asked Steve?". He looks up to me, perplexed.
"Yeah, he knew that"
"Well, Steve is good counsellor then" I comment, smiling.
"Yeah, he was proud, he patted my back" he tells, smiling. "I can't wait to see you in white" he adds, looking at me playful, I smile. "And we'll have a lot of kids" he teases me, with a mischievous stare. I stay with my slice in the air, looking at him perplexed.
"Well, slow down now..." I say.
"Haha, yeah, don't worry! I'm just enjoying the thought of the meanwhile..." he tells, winking and with a cute expression. I laugh at him.
"Bruce, you're such a dork" I say, laughing and shaking my head.

My mother took the news of our wedding pretty well. She was surprised actually but she had already accepted the idea that I wouldn't have come back living in Sardinia. My father showed me just happiness for the news but I'm sure he was shocked. Now he realized that with the marriage, there would have been a real strong bond to keep me there. And he never liked Bruce's long hair, he doesn't like guys with long hair, but he will have to accept it now, we're getting married. Meanwhile, the excavation carried on and everything was perfect. We found a really big part of a chest of a statue and the reconstructions were going ahead pretty awesomely. It was all beautiful, a perfect time. Also, it was Bruce's birthday, the first one we could spend together because last year he had to fly back to England before the day. I took him to the beach and he was loving it. He didn't actually have a costume but he was wearing a pair of his shorts and a funny cloth-hat, light brown in colour. His hair looked a bit blond with the sunlight and his skin was so light, just like every time. I was sitting on the sand next to him and he was admiring the sea. Every people who passed in front of us, stared at him.
"Why is everyone looking at me?" asks he, a bit confused. I smile.
"Well, probably because you're a handsome guy. Or maybe because you really look like a typical English tourist"
"I am an English tourist" he says.
"In fact" I say as he looks puzzled at me. So I kiss him. Maybe it could also be that someone recognized him as the singer of a famous British metal band, but I'm not sure. Actually, the news that the research was funded by the singer of a British metal band had been spread all around, among fans and unluckily among the associations who were against him. They really didn't like him. The day, Bruce starts a strange topic. Actually it wasn't that strange, it was normal but the moment was particular.
"How many examples did you find of those statues?" he asks, thoughtful.
"Ah, it's still difficult to tell, there are many little pieces but I'd say some tens"
"The ones of Mont'e Prama were twenty five, right?" he asks. I have to tell his accent while saying the name was adorable because he couldn't say it.
"And what are you going to do with them? The statues, I mean"
"Ahm, well, they're not my property. Every archaeological manufact must go to the museum of the area. I think it should be Cagliari in this case"
"Everyone? All there?"
"Yeah, I guess they should re-organize the museum, or a part"
"And... I know what they say, about the English funds, and so on... But if it really was a good idea? I mean, taking some statues there, or some samples" he tells, with a cautious attitude.
"Ahm... I don't think they would be happy. Many people would complain"
"Yeah, but I can already imagine a new room of the British Museum, all about Sardinia and with these huge statues there..." he tells, dreaming with his eyes open. "That would be awesome"
"Yeah, but... I don't know"
"That would really be a big promotion to Italy! And to Sardinia especially"
"Yeah, you're right, I think so either, but people here wouldn't see it that good. They would just think you took our heritage away, you came here to find richness and then stole it"
"But that's not true!" he says, incredulous.
"Yes, I know. But they always see it this way. You saw, they founded associations against this option" I say, winding my arm around his and leaning on him.
"Yeah..." he says with his head down. "But I still think that at least a little part should go there. It's always British money who has been used..." he reflects. I listen to him, I actually thought he was right but I also felt like a storm was coming.

The next day, we go back to the site. At that time we had dug out almost everything, just the base of the nuraghe was still hidden. Inside the wall, there was an actual hole of few meters diameter while outside the ground level was a bit higher. But the nuraghe was now towering outside. Bruce wanted to come with me because he didn't know what to do for the day. We were analyzing some data university sent us about another sample we gave them, from the site. It was probably a part of a ceramic vase we found there and they sent us the results.
"VIII sec. BC?" Bruce asks, reading in the paper. We had requested a time datation.
"Yes, they said it dates back to 3000-2900 years ago. It coincides perfectly with the Giants. That's exactly the period we know less about" I tell him. We were talking when we heard some yells. Those were yells from a group of people shouting the same thing, whose words though weren't understandable. Bruce looks around surprised and quickly we see there's a crowd outside the site, gathered at the gate of the fence we put there. Bruce wants to go and see, I wasn't of the same opinion but I couldn't hold him. We get closer to the fence and we could see well. There were something like thirty or forty people, holding notices and flags. They were yelling and surely Bruce couldn't understand what they were saying or what was written. He asked me to translate, I didn't want to but he forced me. ' Go away from our land!' they said, 'Don't steal our heritage!', ' Come back to England!', 'We don't need your money!', ' Leave our richness!', ' What is ours, must stay here!', ' Come back where you came from!'. I felt so terrible reading these. That's exactly what I didn't want. Bruce was looking angry and incredulous at them. He was getting closer and I had to push him back, I didn't want anything bad to happen.
"Bruce, hey, calm down, calm down, ok?" I say, pushing him back. He keeps looking at them, behind me.
"What? They're complaining about me??" he asks, furious.
"Bruce, don't listen to them! Don't play their game, alright? They just want to irritate you, don't mind them"
"How can I?! They're shouting things against me!"
"Bruce, I know. I told you they wouldn't have liked it, but now we'll make them go away and it will be over, just stay calm"
"Dear me, I'm helping you and making a favour to them too and they! They protest against me!!"
"Bruce! Listen to me, calm down!" I repeat, trying to make him listen. He stays silent for a while and stares angrily at them. I try to attract his look and he turns his eyes to me and nods.
"Ok, good, don't worry" I say, still holding him. "Maybe it's better if you come back to the hotel and stay there"
"Yeah..." he admits, though bothered and resigned.
"I'll come around later. Today we finish late, I'll pass this evening, ok?"
"Yes, alright..."
"I'm sorry... Don't think about it, I wished it wouldn't have happened but don't let them take you down, ok? Don't worry" I tell, giving him a kiss.
"Thanks, baby" he says, though evidently sad and depressed. So he went away with a bus which passes at a bus stop in the back of the bar, and so of our site, and we had to call police to make the crowd go away.
The evening, I passed at the hotel to talk with him. I kissed him as he opened me.
"So, how are you?" I ask.
"Ok. I'm just a bit disappointed for what happened"
"I know, I am too" I say, caressing his cheek. "Those people were idiots, don't think about what they said anymore"
"But I can't" he says, shaking his head. "How many will think like them? They just think I'm here for a personal interest, just because I want to 'steal their heritage' and bring it to England. Like I was some kind of thief or colonialist of modern times"
"Bruce..." I try to make him stop.
"It's not my fault if they can't organize a proper exposition with their things! They left those statues in an undercroft for more than thirty years! They can say what they want but in England this wouldn't have ever happened"
"Yeah I know, but these people are pretty close and convinced with their ideas, they are as mad at you as they are against who left the giants there..."
"And also I am the one who is financing the research!" he says, without even listening to me. "They should thank me because I'm paying for it! Without my money, English money, they wouldn't have ever seen those statues! And then they come to me telling I'm stealing their things?! I'm not but I should! I'm empting my wallet for them, to dig out those things and then I shouldn't bring anything to England? This technically is an English research, part of the statues should go there!" he says, pretty much angry.
"Bruce, you know that won't happen"
"And why?"
"Because these are property of the Italian country, they can't leave"
"But Italy didn't pay a thing for them!"
"I know but it works like this"
"Excuse me, but who are you backing? You're talking exactly like them" he says, even a bit more bitterly.
"No, Bruce, look..."
"No, that's it! You think exactly like them, the statues shouldn't get out of here, not even if I spent all my part of the band's money to pay for it and I'm now running low of my money! But well, who cares!". I was a bit surprised, I didn't know he spent so much money. "What? You didn't expect it? What did you think, I was a millionaire? Well, I'm not"
"I'm sorry, I didn't..."
"Yeah, you didn't. And still stay on their side"
"I'm not on their side! I'm on your side! But that's the law, England can't claim archaeological finds, even if it's an English funded mission"
"Ah, you knew that? You knew it wasn't possible?" he asks, suspicious.
"It's my job knowing that! I have to know the laws on the matter, and England should buy them if it wants"
"Buy them! Like I didn't pay enough!"
"I told you, I didn't want you to spend that much"
"Well, it's too late and you knew everything. You asked me and still made me fund it even if you knew it was just wasted money"
"Wasted money?" I ask, a bit sad and hurt.
"Yeah! If you gave the job to an agency or to a company, they would have dealt with it! The result would have been the same and I'd still have my money, but no! You didn't!"
"I wouldn't have worked on it!" I say, incredulous.
"You already have a job! And this should have been a holiday"
"Oh, I'm sorry if I have ambitions"
"That's not what I said. You say you're on my side but I didn't hear a word in my favour"
"Bruce, I told you! I didn't expect this and I'd love the idea of taking some things to England, but it's impossible"
"No, that's not true. You're just trying to save your back. You did all this. And please now go away" he says, angrily. I stayed standing there speechless for some seconds.
"I said go away!" he repeats. I didn't know what to do. It was the first time we had a fight of the kind, I wanted to go to him and kiss him like I do every time he's a bit upset, but this time he was really mad, I didn't know if it was a good idea. So, while he went to the window and looked outside, I slipped out of his room.

The next morning, I went to the site again. I was still thoughtful and sad for what happened the previous night and I hoped Bruce recovered from the anger. Anyway, I wasn't going to see him soon and surely he wasn't coming to me. So, I went to work and when I reached it, I had an unexpected and not so pleasant surprise. We were working when a guy from the bank came in. He asked to talk to me and so I listened. He showed me a paper and told me my financial source cut off the funding to the research. I was speechless. Bruce stopped funding the excavation and in a little time I would have finished even the last money he gave. Among wages to my employees and maintenance of the instruments, we couldn't carry on for much longer and I was literally in trouble. I couldn't pay my employees but I couldn't even decide to fire them all. But I couldn't even indebt now, the research was going well and we were finding important things, building up again the ancient statues and bringing back to light the old temple. But who would have funded the research now? I was so terribly concerned and angry, this all just happened because of those stupid associations of idiotic people, and now I was risking ruining my project and my marriage too. So, I left everything and hurried to Bruce's hotel. I arrived just in time because I found him in the hall of the hotel, with his bags and trolley, ready to go away. I rush to him and stop him, he's actually a bit surprised.
"Bruce, what the hell??!" I ask, incredulous. He was still angry at me.
"What the hell what? I should say that, you just rushed on me" he says, bothered. I wave the document in front of his face.
"Why did you cut off the fundings??"
"Why? And you even wonder why?? Isn't it enough clear? I'm going home, as it's been requested, and I'll take my money too" he says, trying to escape from me, but I hold him again.
"But you can't do this!"
"I can't?"
"You can't leave me here like this! How will I be able to pay then?"
"I don't know, ask someone else"
"Really Bruce? Why are you doing this? All that you said about us wasn't true then? You really don't care about how I end up? Your love, your project of a life together?"
"What? Can you see that there won't be any wedding if I can't pay? You used me as your personal bank!"
"That's not true! I asked you because I thought you could like this. I never used you. Really you wanna end this like this?"
"I'm not ending anything, I'm just coming back to England. I'm not well accepted here"
"Oh, come on, don't listen to those people! You know you can stay here without any problem"
"Don't try to convince me, you're just trying to deceive yourself"
"But tell me: what should I do now? I will end up ruined if I can't pay!"
"That's not how I wanted it to end, but I didn't cause all this"
"Why are you ruining everything for such a trifle?"
"Me? I am ruining everything?? And don't you think of how I could be feeling? Hearing all those lies, you think I can stand to stay here for some more?"
"You know, I'm sorry for what happened, I wished this never occurred, I know you don't deserve this"
"And still?"
"And please don't act like this. I love you and I can't stand your going away. Not like this. Please... Don't go away". He was still a bit mad but I could see that he was actually hurt. But he was too proud of himself to change his mind. So suddenly, I just grabbed him and kissed him. He tried to move back at first but it was just a pretence because he hold me back later and kissed me too. I can always pacify him with a kiss. Anyway, later we were back in his room, lying in his bed and he was holding me with an arm around my back and had his hair all spread on the pillow. But I was still worried and down for our fight. He took a look at me and though I could look calm, he knew there was something wrong. He raised up my chin to him.
"Come on, what's up?" he asks. I hesitate for a while.
"You know this can't fix everything" I say.
"Yes, I know, but if we always end up like this we should fight more" he jokes, but I can't laugh at it. "Ok, I get it, you don't wanna joke about it" he says, a bit disappointed.
"Bruce, please tell me, can you see that I'll end up in deep troubles if I can't afford to pay anyone?" I ask, raising a bit to look at him better. He looks down and seems a bit sad too.
"Honey, you know I'm not trying to ruin your research, really"
"But why then? The only one who can get bad things from this it's me"
"I don't wanna cause you any problem, that's why I'm going away. I have to, I can't stay here"
"But you're not a problem, Bruce. I want you here"
"But I have to go, sweetie, I'm sorry. It's not about you but if I stay here, those people won't leave you, and me, in peace. If I go, maybe it will be better"
"Don't think that..." I say, looking sad at him. He caresses my cheek.
"Look, I'm sorry if I've been rude or if I hurt you, I said some things that I don't really think..." he admits, looking down.
"Bruce, I need you to see that I never used you just to get your money. I asked you because I know you like these things too, so I asked you because I thought you could like this, you could be interested and I never wanted you to spend that much. I didn't want to". He smiles a bit at me.
"I'm happy to hear that, and I actually am interested. I'd do everything to finance your dreams, I love your dreams. Everything that is about you, I love it and it's worth it. So, I didn't want to say that thing about... You know, the wasted money..." he says, a bit embarrassed. "But I won't let anyone to stay between us. I won't let those idiots to blow up our wedding. Trust me, I never had the intention to make you think otherwise. Remember the ring you have in your finger? Yeah, that's the promise I will marry you and I want to stay with you and just you". He really knows how to make me melt, I was almost crying. "So, maybe we can find a way. I can fund you for some more, you try to be cautious with that, in a while the next album will be out and we can have enough money for the wedding. But anyway I must come back to England", I look down sad. "Hey, come on, we've already been far away for months, it will pass quickly. And when you finish here, you come back to England and we won't divide anymore. Ok?" he asks, pinching my cheek. I just nod a bit, then I lay down on him again.
"Bruce, I'm sorry for real for what happened. I know you were hurt from it and I didn't want this". He hugs me with both arms and holds my head on his shoulder, kissing me.
"Yeah, I know baby... I know" he says.

So, Bruce flew back to England, even if I was sad about it but at least the situation got cleared up. I had again my funds and could carry on with excavation, hoping the little money we had could be enough. We resumed our research then and it was rewarding. We had almost finished excavating the nuraghe, inside it was complete and just on the outside we had to dig some more. The pieces of statues we discovered had been sent to the restoration company and we had some first news from them. They said they had been able to reconstruct some big and complete pieces and found the same poses of the other Giants. Moreover there was another figure they never found before, and so it was the first example. I was really happy of this discovery and Bruce was excited too. Few days later, we were completing the excavation outside the nuraghe, we had put it in safety with some scaffolds and propping, it wasn't as tall as many others here in Sardinia but it had its own good appearance, maybe because the higher part had already crumbled down, leaving outside just the circle I had seen. In the field all outside there were walls and probably other smaller nuraghes, that we still had to discover, an actual village. That day, as I said, we were digging outside the wall when we found a small aperture, over what we supposed there would have been the entrance. I was particularly interested about it, it was the first actual sign of an astronomical alignment, until now it was just an archaeological research. So, I took out my instruments and was really eager to take some first data and reason a bit over it. To do that, I had to get down, inside the nuraghe. I and some of my employees took our helmets and went down. It was a bit complicated with all the iron bars around but it was a real spectacle. There was an incredibly ancient wall all around us and a beam of light came in from the little slit. Surely it wasn't the right day to see an actual astronomical event, old people generally created these kinds of things to be seen during equinoxes or solstices, for example. But that was just a day of August and still the view was amazing. I took some pictures with my phone and then started taking some measures with my theodolite. It was all so awesome, we were some meters underground and this building was towering over us. I annotated the point where the beam incised, the inclination, the time, the position of the Sun because in some way I could simulate the right day to see something interesting. I was busy in these things with my collaborators when we heard something. It was like a friction of the stones of something like that. At the end I realized it was exactly that and in a little time we saw the whole thing falling over us. I will never forgive myself for letting the excavation inside be completed before the one outside. I don't know if it was the cause or just the scaffolding wasn't solid enough, but the nuraghe crumbled down under its own weight. And we were under it. The iron bars and the ancient stones, all fell over us, trapping us inside.
For what had been told to me, outside they were all shocked and terrified. They soon called the firefighters and ambulances, seen the situation was enough worrying and bad. They obviously couldn't know if we were still alive or not and the cluster of stones was instable, they couldn't even dig without causing another crash. Down there, we were saved because the iron bars stuck together forming a kind of little room that could at least save our lives. I fainted when it happened because I had lost my helmet and hit my head. When I woke up, there was one of my employees, the guy Bruce said was flirting with me, who was trying to wake me up. I open my eyes but my sight was blurred and it was all dark. He was holding a flashlight so I could at least see his face. But I couldn't see anything else, what was around, where the others were and if they were fine. I was confused and a bit aching, our place was pretty strict but we could sit on the ground. I looked around, shocked and thankful for the little room that saved us.
"Hey, are you ok?" he asks me, seeing me still dizzy.
"Yeah, yeah... Where are the others?" I ask, trying to be lucid since it was my responsibility.
"I don't know, I can't see them..." he replies, moving my left arm. I complain in pain, it hurt like hell. "Probably it's broken" he says. It actually was bleeding and there were stones on the ground so it probably got hit. We were covered with dust and earth so it wasn't even the best situation for bleeding. He tries to keep immobile my arm by using some sticks he found there, very likely they were pieces of the tripods of our instruments, and tying them up. I try to stand the pain but it was a lot. I just wished I could be out of there. At that moment I thought of Bruce and of him, waiting for me, but we couldn't even know if we could get out of there alive. I suddenly realized I didn't have my ring at my finger anymore and I exclaimed all my shock about it. It can seem stupid and unnecessary but I cared a lot about it and Bruce spent a lot for it.
"Damn, where's my ring??" I said. He looks at me, a bit surprised.
"What ring?" he asks, getting that maybe it could be important.
"My... engagement ring" I say, a bit embarrassed actually. He looks a bit frowning but then helps me searching for it around, luckily we found it. But it wasn't that easy to find us, under all that bunch of rock.

We stayed down there for a lot of time. I was really worried, I couldn't explain how this could have happened. I was concerned for the other guys and for us too, we didn't know in how much time they would have rescued us and the bulk of stones was very fragile. We could hear noises of rocks rolling down and the bars were slowly slipping on each other. There was a serious possibility of not getting out of there, how could they find us? We were covered with blocks of stone, and I was terrified at the idea of not seeing Bruce again, or letting him down, or causing him the deep pain of going ahead without me. I was thinking all these things and I was so desperate. Luckily the rescuers were capable of finding a way to act on the crumbled nuraghe in a delicate way and so avoiding any big crash. We could hear something and sometimes we got really scared when we heard dull blows and saw some pieces rolling down. Still, we stayed there for a lot of time, scared and hungry, with air running low and a high temperature. They tried to reach us in the least time but we ended up staying there for a few days. After some hours from the crash, we could see the light again. The firefighters opened a slit over our heads, among the stones. From there they could give us some water and food and handed us a walkie talkie with which we could talk with them. I started to be more positive but I was scared, everything could still happen. We could see the light but they had to be cautious in pulling us out, therefore it took a lot. Meanwhile, my parents were surely terrified by the situation but they felt like they had to tell Bruce too. He told me he was with the guys when he read my father's email. He stared silent and shocked at his phone, incredulous and worried. He became paler than usual and Steve quickly saw something was wrong with him. Bruce explained and soon hurried back home and prepared his bags to take the first flight. He got there two days after the crash. We were down there, waiting in the constant fear and anxiety we had since the first day, when I could hear a known voice, yelling and shouting angrily. I looked up, it surely was Bruce and I smiled a bit. He was yelling every kind of bad words.
"Hey! Leave me!! Leave me! My wife is down there! Let me go! I said let me go!!" he yells. I can imagine the firefighters holding him back and he, small as he is, kicking and shouting to reach me. And he got even angrier when they couldn't understand him. So, I took the receiver and tried to talk with someone up there. I could still hear Bruce but then he stopped yelling and someone started replying to me. I asked to talk with Bruce and he quickly grabbed the receiver.
"Honey! Hey! Baby, how are you??!" he asks. I could feel from his voice he was still really concerned.
"Hey, love, I'm fine, don't worry. And technically I'm not your wife yet" I try to ease the tension. "Why you flied back here?"
"I couldn't stay there, I had too. I took the first flight to get here. Baby, are you sure you're ok? What happened??". I surely couldn't tell him of my broken arm, he was already too nervous.
"I don't know, it's been a second, it just crumbled down. But don't worry, they will take us out quickly"
"Sweetie, I miss you... I want you up here, now"
"Bruce, I miss you too... But don't worry, it will take a bit because the mass is instable but we'll be out soon"
"Yeah, Bruce... Come on, boy, be strong and calm down a bit. Now you saw I'm ok, relax. When I'll be out of here we'll talk about it. You go to my parents, tell them to host you there, there will be an available bed now"
"How can I? How will I explain?"
"I'm sure you'll make yourself clear, you know a bit of Italian, right?" I tell, referring to the few words I taught him.
"But I don't... Baby I wanna stay here with you"
"You can't Bruce... Trust me, the firefighters will take us out quickly. Now go to my parents and tell them. Have a rest and calm down"
"Ok..." he accepts, with a low voice. "I love you..."
"I love you too, little puppy". Then I couldn't hear any more replies. I look down sad, I tried to be the most positive I could though I was really scared.
So, a few days passed. We were down there and the firefighters were putting in safety the whole thing. Trying to pull us out it was risky and dangerous, but they wanted to try. Bruce stayed with my parents during those days, he told me they treated him like a son and I was really happy. The day they wanted to drag us out, he came to the site and anxiously waited there, while they first pulled out my other colleagues. For a moment we thought it was all going to crash down for we heard a strong noise. We looked scared at each other but at the end, nothing happened. When it was our time, the guy told to pull me out first. They sent some ropes down, we managed to push the bars away and free the way out, though it was a risky move. So I tied myself and they slowly pulled me up. As I saw the sunlight again, it was so strong I was dazed. I couldn't keep my eyes open and I had more wounds than I could see down there. When they put me down, I couldn't even stay up on my feet because I had spent the last five days sitting there and in an uncomfortable position. Bruce soon hurried to me and hugged me tight. I was a bit confused but I remember clearly that was probably the strongest hug he ever gave me. I was a bit weak and I was holding to him, hugging him and trying to keep my arm still. I was a bit aching. He was holding me and didn't want to leave me. He rubbed my back, caressed and kissed my head. He was sobbing a bit and then he moves back just to grab my cheeks and kiss me. He was really moved and then I noticed he was crying. He hugged me again, like he couldn't believe in his eyes. I tried to move back to see him better. He really was crying. I caress his cheeks and wipe off his tears.
"Hey Bruce... Don't cry, come on, or you'll make me cry too... At the end it all ended well" I say, smiling but almost crying too. He nods and sniffles.
"Yeah, ok... Wait, I can't now" he tells, I smile at him. He takes a look at me, as I was trying to stand there but still holding to him.
"You said you were ok..." he says, sad. "You're all wounded, and... What's this? What did you do to your arm?" he asks, looking hurt at me.
"Ahi..." I say as he slightly touches it. "I think it's broken"
"Oh baby...!" he exclaims, hugging me again. "Ok, come on, I'll take you to the hospital and we'll fix this little broken wing, alright?" he says, being the cute boy he is.

The next morning, I was quietly sleeping in my bed. I had a plaster in my left arm and I had to keep it out of the blanket. I slowly opened my eyes, still sleepy, and I found Bruce sitting next to me in a little corner of the bed, already dressed up. There was the window half open and so light came in from outside. He bends down and kisses me, first on my forehead and then on my lips. I smiled at him.
"Good morning love, how are you feeling today?" he asks, tenderly.
"Mmm, better" I say. "Have you had breakfast already?"
"Yeah, your mum prepared it". I smile.
"Ok, perfect"
"How is the arm? And the head?"
"Fine. My head is better". A bit later, I was curled against him, still under the blankets and under his arm. He put his hand on my hip and I hold to his waist with my broken arm. On the plaster he had already written "Ary&Bruce" inside a big heart. The previous day we've been at the hospital all day, among X-rays, analysis and plaster, and we came home that I was really tired. So I was loving some cuddles. He was rubbing my back and kissing me and I was so relaxed.
"I was so scared... You know?" he says.
"I imagined. And I was too... I didn't actually know if I could get out of there alive"
"Ha, that thought turned my blood cold. I couldn't accept not seeing you again. And these last days have been horrible. Even if your parents did everything to make me feel at home". I look up to him, smiling.
"I'm happy you found well here"
"Oh yeah, your mother is really kind and she cooks so well!" he says, all happy. "And your father is funny. Yeah, we get along pretty well". I was so happy to hear that. "Though waking up in a pink room in a bed with Disney blankets is still a bit strange..." he jokes. I push him a bit.
"Oh, come on..."
"And your dog came to wake me up every morning". I couldn't help but smiling and kissing him, then I lied down again.
"Now, you can really say that that was wasted money..." I tell, a bit discomforted.
"Oh no, well, you still found many important things that are safe now"
"Yeah, but the nuraghe fell down and what still remained of other statues down there, now I don't know how much is left. No one would start another excavation there now"
"But don't worry. The best and most important thing is that you came out of there alive, with just a light head trauma and a broken arm. The rest is not important. Maybe it can just mean that I already gave you an expensive wedding present". I laugh and he smiles at me, kissing me. I was leaning down when my mother knocks at the door and peeps inside.
"Ah, you're awake finally" she says. Bruce is a bit uncomfortable for the situation and doesn't know if we should move back, but I caress his belly and he gets I'm comfortable with it, so he just smiles.
"Bruce, don't cuddle her that much or she won't get up from bed" my mum adds. Bruce chuckles a bit.
"Oh, come on mum!..." I say.
"Well, she deserves it a bit today..." Bruce says, caressing my head. I smile proud. "Ahm, madam... Thank you... Thank you for everything" he tries to tell in Italian. He was so adorable! Such a lovely boy he is and his sweet accent while speaking Italian is too cute.
We stayed at my home until my arm got healed, that means for about a month. Bruce stayed with us and, well, yeah we didn't have much space for our own but he was fine and loved it all. Now, the statues are getting restored and shortly they will be exposed in a museum. Nothing tragic happened during the crash so it was just considered an accident and I didn't have any problem. I still have the pictures in my phone by the way. Bruce and I came back to London, we're organizing our wedding and soon the new album will be released, so he will go on tour with the band. Then we'll get married. Damn, I just heard a crash, probably he broke something now... I'll go to take a look at my crazy boy.


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