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di DrWatson. Letto 519 volte. Dallo scaffale Straniera

Sequel di 1.Sharp Teeth, 2.Bloodlust, 3.Fresh Blood. Sam e Dean chiedono aiuto ad Alex ma i fratelli e Bruce hanno opinioni contrastanti con quelle di Alex. Ma lei è una strega... e di mezzo c'è sempre lei: Rowena.

"I'm nervous. I'm really nervous..." Bruce tells, looking up and taking deep breaths. Alex smiles, amused. She's fixing his tie before he gets out of home. He's dressed with a black suit.
"Well, it's normal. It means you care about it" she replies.
"Yes, I know, but still..." he says, visibly anxious. He takes another breath, puffing his cheeks with air. She pokes them just to make him laugh and then smiles at him.
"You'll see, everything will go perfectly. It's not the first time you fly a plane, you'll get that license" she tells to reassure him.
"Yeah, yeah..." he tells, shaking his head. She pats his shoulder.
"Come on! Go now, or you'll be late. I wait for your text, ok?"
"Yes, sure" he answers, taking the keys of his car and a little bag. She pushes him out of the door, he's surely nervous and thoughtful, keeping his head down. But that's a good thing, he's starting a new life, to get adapted, after what happened. While he's at the Academy to give his exam, Alex stays at home, reading a book on the couch, waiting for him to let her know something. After a while, her phone rings, but it's not Bruce. She answers: it's Dean. He and Sam are parked in a street, somewhere there in England.
"Dean?" Alex says. He smiles widely.
"Hey kiddo! How are you?"
"Ahm, fine, thank you. I'm actually surprised you called. Is there any problem?" she asks, perplexed. Dean makes a grumpy expression.
"Well, I could have called even just to see if it was everything alright"
"Oh! Well, yes, it's all ok here" she replies, a bit embarrassed.
"Awesome. You're still hunting?" he asks, Sam looks at him, noticing how he's slowly approaching the topic. Dean makes a gesture to him.
"Yeah, well... Yes, that's what I do... Why?"
"Well, Sam and I are still here in England, we're searching for Rowena... Do you remember, right?"
"Yes, sure"
"Well, she disappeared. We went where you told us but she's not here anymore, we can't find her. So we were wondering if you know some spell that can track her down". Alex thinks for a while.
"Actually yes, there is one". Dean makes thumb up to Sam.
"Oh, good. We're near London, can we come or you're somewhere else?"
"No no, I'm here, you can come when you want"
"Ok, thank you kid". Once the call is over, Sam looks at his brother.
"I don't know, Dean... We're involving them again"
"I asked first, she told she's still hunting so we're not actually doing anything different than what she already does. And we're just asking for a spell, she won't get involved" he explains. Alex, though surprised, starts searching for the spell and the ingredients she needs for it. She's so in it that she forgets about Bruce and his exam and doesn't even notice he didn't call her. Then, someone knocks at the door. She goes to open but first takes a look at the peephole, like every hunter. What she sees it's Bruce's picture printed on photographic paper. She soon gets everything and opens the door. Bruce is smiling happily in front of her.
"I passed it!!" he tells, joyful. She smiles happily and congratulates him. He hugs her, still with his license in his hand.
"I told you you would have passed it!" she says.
"Yeah...". She messes a bit with his hair.
"Let's celebrate, new pilot!" she tells. She goes taking some beers from the fridge.
"Oh! Dean called few time ago" she adds.
"Dean? Why?"
"Ahm, they need help to find Rowena. She vanished into thin air. They're coming this evening"
"Oh, they're still here? Ok, good" he tells, taking a bottle.
"Ah wait! I have a thing for you" she adds. He looks frowning at her while she searches in one of the drawers at the entrance. In one of them, she hid a pilot's cap there and now she puts it on Bruce's head.
"Awesome! A fake pilot cap! Beautiful, thank you" he tells, smiling. She smiles proudly at him and rubs his back.

That evening, Bruce and Alex are waiting at home when Sam and Dean knock at the door. She goes to open.
"Hi! Hello, beautiful!" says Dean, all smiling and hugging Alex. Sam says hi too, smiling but more reserved. Bruce stands up and reaches them.
"Hello man! How's it going?" Dean asks Bruce, unexpectedly hugging him too. Bruce is a bit surprised at first.
"Ahm... Good, I'm good" he replies. Alex makes them sit on the couch and they sit in front of them.
"So, what's the problem? You said Rowena disappeared" Alex starts.
"Yeah, exactly" Dean answers. "Sam and I went to search for her, we found her shelter but she wasn't there. We kept searching for days, but nothing"
"We know you're surely busy, we thought a lot about calling you" Sam explains.
"Oh well, it's no problem Sam, I'll always help you without thinking twice" she smiles. Sam smiles at her. "Why are you looking for her? You never told us"
"Well... She stole us an important book" Dean tells. "It's called Book of the Damned, it's a magic book with every kind of spell. We needed that time ago and made everything to have it. A dear friend of us even died" he looks down, Sam does too. "It's a really powerful and dangerous book. She translated it for us but then she ran with both the book and the Codex"
"Mmm... I see. Yeah, I'm sure it can be dangerous in her hands. When I met her, she even asked me to follow her, she would have taught me more powerful spells". Dean makes a gesture as to say that's exactly what he meant. Alex stands up, Bruce is just observing the scene.
"Ok, I'll bring what I need and I'll make that spell". She comes after some seconds and puts everything on the table. Sam and Dean reach her. She puts a bowl on it, throws some herbs inside then she grabs a note.
"Tenebrae et lux, nocte ac die, svelatemi torrentibus semitam et ostende mihi ut cognoscam et inveniam Rowena " she whispers, throwing a lit match inside the bowl. Then she overthrows everything over a map that starts burning. Sam, Dean and Bruce observe, when the map stops burning and the flame extinguishes. She takes up the remaining map and looks at it.
"So? Where is she?" Dean asks. She looks up to him.
"She came home"
"What does it mean? Where we were searching for her?" Dean asks, confused.
"No, her home, Scotland". Dean looks annoyed and a bit afraid.
"Where in Scotland?" Sam asks.
"Edinburgh. That's the only thing that didn't get burned" she says, showing the map.
"Ok, we'll have to fly there then. Thank you" Sam says, smiling.
"No" Dean adds, terrified. "We won't take a plane"
"What?" Sam asks.
"We'll go there by car"
"Oh really Dean? Again with this plane thing? You know how much it will take to go by car?"
"At least a whole day or even more. You can be there in more or less one hour by plane" Bruce answers, all proud because it's his field.
"You see?" Sam says, exasperated.
"No, I said no" Dean insists.
"Do you need any help guys?" Alex asks.
"No don't worry, thank you" Sam says.
"Really? Because we can fly there too. Rowena already knows me, I can find out where she is, I can pretend I'm accepting her proposal"
"No, really, did you forget how it ended up the last time?" Bruce tells.
"Come on Bruce, it's not the same thing. There isn't any ghoul here, it's just a witch and I know her. I didn't stop hunting either"
"Yes, one of the most powerful witches though! And with a dangerous book"
"She won't hurt me. Better, she wants me alive, I'm sure she wants something from me. I can be of help." she tells, Bruce still looks frowning at her. "You can come too, if you're so worried" she adds. Sam and Dean look at each other, thoughtful.
"Alright. You can be of help. And actually if you come with her too, we would feel better" Dean tells to Bruce. She looks at him, tenderly.
"Aaah! Alright! I'll come. We'll take a plane tomorrow..." Bruce tells. Alex smiles happily at him.
"Thank you man, we appreciate that" Dean tells.

The next day, Bruce and Alex took a plane to Edinburgh and got there in a few hours. They left their things in a motel room and went around the town, to find out what's the best place to get hidden there. They're walking on the streets, it's a sunny day and Bruce is wearing his sunglasses.
"Where should we search for her?" he asks. She looks up to him.
"Well, the last time her... refuge was a pretty much hidden place. I think it led underground, I found her just because I recognized some witch signs on the walls"
"Mm. Good. I don't think she wants to get found so I guess it will be hard"
"Indeed" she adds. In front of them, the shape of Edinburgh's castle appears clear against the evening sky. She observes it and then grabs Bruce's wrist. He looks down to her, surprised.
"What?" he asks.
"The castle. Can't it be?"
"The castle? But it's not that accessible"
"Better. She doesn't want visits"
"But it surely is surveiled continuously"
"Never underrate Rowena. I'm sure she hides there, in the dungeons of the castle"
"Ok, let's suppose you're right. How can we let her out?". She smiles at him. "You don't want to let her out, right" he adds.
"We can search for an access or we can get in legally. We just... don't get out later"
"You're crazy."
"And you are more than me"
"That's true"
"So? Are you in?" she asks smiling. He looks at her, thoughtful.
"Yeah, ok. Let's do this". Therefore, they buy two tickets to enter the castle, following a touristic guide. But as soon as they can, they leave the group and start wandering alone in the corridors. The castle is a beautiful one, very ancient, made all with stones. There isn't much light, especially at evening. The lights are off where public is not allowed. Bruce and Alex are mainly searching for some secret passage that can lead them to the dungeons. Bruce observes an armour that is posing there while Alex searches around.
"What time is it?" asks Bruce, still intently observing the armour. "The castle should be closed now". Alex looks at her watch.
"Well, yeah, we passed 8 pm"
"Good. We can search quietly then" he adds and restarts wandering around. He walks along the corridor, she takes some glances at him. He keeps walking and reaches the corner. Takes a look behind it and goes there.
"Bruce.. Hey, wait!" she says, running after him. He's waiting for her behind the corner.
"What?" he asks. She reaches him, looking around, maybe a bit scared. That place is not so cheerful at night.
"Don't disappear like this, we risk to get lost..." she explains. He smiles at her, getting that's not the only reason.
"Alright, brave girl, come after me" he tells, resuming his walk. She goes after him, always staying close. He carries on, probably smelling something. She takes a look behind, she thought she had seen something but there's nothing there. Bruce, who went ahead some more, stops and turns to her.
"Alex? What happened? Can you tell me what you are afraid of?" he asks. She goes to him.
"No, nothing. It's just that is dark, you never know what can happen"
"Alright" he tells, suspicious, not convinced. "Anyway, I think I found a trace, follow me". She does and they soon reach a door. Bruce tries to open it but it's locked. It doesn't open even pushing it. Bruce hits it with his shoulder, Alex looks around and now she's sure she saw something floating rapidly behind Bruce. He sees her expression as she grabs his wrist.
"Hey? What's wrong?" he asks, perplexed. She looks at him.
"Well... I think... I saw a ghost" she tells, slowly. Bruce turns around, surprised but he can't see anything. He turns to Alex, with an interrogative expression.
"Nothing, doesn't matter" she tells. Meanwhile, he opened the door. A strict, dark stairway goes down from there. Bruce takes a look at Alex, then takes her arm and starts going down. The place is narrow but he can perceive the smell even better. They keep going until they reach the end of the stairway, where a small but enlightened room opens up. Bruce can recognize Rowena's smell but also something else, stronger. They can hear her footsteps, going back and forth.
"Really guys? You wanna stay there?" she asks then, calmly and with her Scottish accent. Bruce and Alex get out and search for her in the room. She's exactly behind them, holding a smoking bowl.
"I'm happy to see you again" she adds. Bruce and Alex turn around, Bruce soon gets the smell he perceived comes from that bowl and looks perplexed at it.
"What's that thing?" he asks. Rowena smiles.
"I knew you would have smelled it. It's a vampire's hollo, my little friend told me you were searching for me and I helped you finding me"
"That ghost... Is your friend?" Alex asks, a bit shaken.
"Yes Alex. She lives here too, but we agreed we wouldn't have bothered each other". Alex is a bit shaken by her answer. Rowena gets closer and takes a look at Bruce. He looks at her, half scared, half surprised.
"Mmm, I find you really good" she tells him. "You actually made the right choice, Alex, not killing him". He's a bit embarrassed by the strange compliment. "But why did you come here?"
"I..." Alex starts. "I thought about what you said. When we met in London"
"Ah, about learning powerful magic?"
"Yes. You know, I think it can be useful. And also, I have to say I never liked the way the Coven refused me. I want to make them see I can be a witch just like them". Bruce observes her as she talks.
"But my dear, you're not a witch like them. You're different, you're stronger. You have your own power. And I'm really proud of you. I'm glad you saw what's the right path. You chose the right thing" Rowena tells, smiling. Alex smiles a bit. "You'll see, you'll become the most powerful witch of modern times. No one will be able to reject you, everyone just will obey you"
"And... How can you do that? Teach me, I mean" Alex asks, though uncertain at first.
"I have my resources, kid. Remember I'm the best one, since the last three hundred years. Come back tomorrow and we'll start" she ends, smiling cunningly.

Bruce and Alex come back to the motel room. Bruce leaves his bag on his bed while Alex sits on hers, thoughtful.
"Do you think she got anything?" Alex asks. He looks at her.
"You mean if she suspects something? No, I think she believed you" he replies, searching in his bag. Alex looks around, a bit absent.
"Because you lied, right?" he asks, noticing something strange in her. She looks up, embarrassed.
"Yeah, well, sure..." she mumbles. "But just think for a while: if she is right, it could be a great opportunity" she adds after a little pause. He looks shocked at her.
"What?? Are you really thinking of accepting her proposal?"
"No, I mean..."
"And what about Sam and Dean? We're here to help them, not to ally against them"
"I'm not saying this. They're my friends too, I would never do that. I'm just saying that I could need some more magic, in my job. I could learn something from her, but it doesn't mean we're not going to commit her to them"
"This doesn't make any sense, can you see it? You wanna use her to get more power and then give her to Sam and Dean. But probably you didn't notice they're searching for her exactly because she's too powerful"
"But I'm not going to become like her! I'm not like her! But I'm just a little witch, I don't have a big knowledge. I'd like to improve it"
"No. Never, you can forget it. She won't see you again. Tomorrow Sam and Dean will deal with her" he sentences, putting his clothes inside the bag nervously.
"Hey! You're not either my father or my brother, you can't decide for me. I decide what to do". He looks at her, angry.
"But I'm your friend! And when you're getting too far, I tell you!"
"I'm not getting too far Bruce! In my job, everything can happen. Suddenly. And I need to be able to protect myself. The more magic I know, the less I risk to get killed every time"
"You can avoid it at all" he replies, firmly.
"What?" she asks, confused.
"You can stop it. Stop hunting, stop everything!" he tells, exasperated, making gestures with his hands.
"Bruce, I told you, I can't..."
"No, you don't want to. I became a vampire, but still I decided what life to live. And you can do too. You're still young, you can do whatever thing. You already did this for too much time" he pauses. "I can't stand, every time you leave, to wait for your text or call to tell me you're still alive" he adds, sweetly. She looks up to him. "I... just want you to be safe. Do that for me at least". She holds her face on her hands, struggled. He observes her from above.
"This is not you, you see? You don't go around in search of power or more strength. And I have to stop you, before you do something wrong or hurt yourself. Because I care about you. Anyway, tomorrow we'll talk with Sam and Dean, you'll see they will tell you the same thing". He pats her shoulder while he goes to the bathroom. When he gets out, she's already gone to sleep. He reaches his bed and takes another look at her. He doesn't like to hurt her or to fight with her, but he wants to protect her at any cost. He turns off the bed lamp.

The next day, Sam and Dean reach Edinburgh and meet with Bruce and Alex at their motel room.
"What? Is this a joke?" asks Dean, incredulous. He's standing in front of Alex, who's sitting head down in her bed. Sam is sitting in a chair and Bruce is standing next to Dean with folded arms.
"I told you" Bruce says to Alex. She looks up to him.
"That's not exactly how he said" she tells Dean.
"It's exactly like this" Bruce replies.
"It's not" she remarks. "I just mean that doing this job I need to be able to protect myself. And she's the only one who can teach me"
"No, that's not gonna happen" Dean says. "She's not just a witch, she's a bitch. She is an evil, cunning and dangerous woman, you can't even imagine. She wouldn't think twice about killing her own son, she would get rid of you in an eyebeat"
"She wouldn't, she cares about me for some reason" she tells, annoyed.
"Well, even creepier" Dean says. "That's another good reason to stay away from her"
"But Dean..."
"No Alex, really, trust me. It's better if you don't see her again. Sam and I will go to her today and fix everything. We can teach you how to defend properly if you want. If you really need it, because it doesn't seem to me"
"I don't need a physical defense, I need a magical one. If I'm blocked, or tied, or I can't move in any case, I should be able to defend. And I can do that only with magic". Bruce shakes his head.
"Alex, I can see your point but I think you should consider what Bruce told you" Sam intervenes. "About leaving this job. You're still young enough to do that. If you leave this world, monsters won't search for you"
"Oh, you forgot that I lived with vampires for years and with witches later. That I am myself a product of this world and that my friend is a vampire" she answers.
"In fact. Your friend is a vampire when he could have been still human" Dean says. "I'm not blaming you, sometimes these things happen, but if you stop, it won't happen again"
"But how can I live knowing all the things that happen outside?"
"Don't think about it. You can't deal with it" Sam says. "You should just carry on. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you can fight it. But just that. You know how many of us would like to stop?"
"And why don't you do that?"
"Because it's too late for us" Dean says. "We're completely in it"
"We tried different times but it never worked with us. But it can work with you. Look at Bruce. He's asking you to stop", Bruce looks down to the floor. "He doesn't want to lose you but let's speak clearly: it will happen sooner or later, if you keep doing this job"
"If it wasn't for Castiel, you were already dead" Dean adds. She looks shaken at him.
"Alex, really, consider seriously this option" Sam tells.
"What will you do to Rowena?" she asks. Sam and Dean look at each other.
"You don't have to worry about this" Dean says.
"You will kill her?" she asks, looking up to him.
"Alex, don't make things difficult. She's a witch,..."
"I am too"
"But you're not evil! She is and trust me, she is really evil". Dean makes a sign to Sam and he gets up. "We have to go now" Dean says, Alex doesn't look satisfied or happy. Dean sees that and as they go to the door, Dean catches Bruce's arm and drags him a bit. Bruce is a bit confused. Once they're far enough, Dean gets closer to him.
"Watch out for her, man" he whispers in his ear. Bruce looks at him and nods. Then, Sam and Dean go away.

Rowena is quietly doing her things in the undercroft of the castle when Sam and Dean silently sneak in. She doesn't notice anything but later, when she turns around, she finds the two boys standing in front of her, silently. She starts a bit but just because she didn't expect this, not because she's scared.
"Oh, look who came here! Sam and Dean Winchester!" she says. "To what should I be grateful for your visit?"
"You know it. You have something that is ours. You stole it from us, we want it back" Dean tells.
"Yours? Haha, well, you stole it too from someone else"
"Stop with this crap, you took it from us, give it back"
"Or what? What will you do?"
"Well, I know many ways to make you talk" Dean tells menacingly and getting closer.
"Oh, you see, I'm already trembling"
"Give us that damn Book of the Damned and the Codex and everything will end here"
"Well, there's a little problem. I don't have it here. I hid it but I will tell you where is it only if you make me a favour" she tells. Dean looks suspicious at her.
"Again killing your son? Well, that's already on our list"
"Since you failed the first time, yeah" she says, annoyed. "No, it's an easier and equal exchange"
"And what would it be?"
"Give me the girl"
"What? What girl?" Dean pretends to know nothing. Sam looks shaken at them.
"Oh come on, you know her. She and her sharp-teethed friend came here yesterday and now you do. You can't make me believe you don't know each other"
"No. You can forget that. You won't have her" Dean says, firmly.
"And you won't have the Book then"
"She's not a commodity exchange!"
"But I don't think she will see it that way. She would be happy to stay here and learn some things. I saw that in her eyes"
"I said no. And she's coming back to London already" Dean invents.
"Well, you can go back to Kansas then" she ends. Sam and Dean get out of the castle, angry and without getting anything. Dean is particularly irritated.
"Dean, what should we do now? We have to make her talk" Sam says.
"Yes I know. But she won't, unless we hand Alex to her"
"You're not thinking..."
"No, sure I'm not! I'm not stupid. I would better kill her before handing Alex to her."
"I don't understand: why does Rowena want her so much? Even Alex told that"
"I don't know, Sammy. Who knows what she's thinking but for any reason, it's not anything good. But Alex can be helpful here, I have to talk to Bruce". Bruce is playing with his fencing swords and a plant, while Alex is at her laptop, when his phone rings. She looks up, he takes his phone and is a bit surprised when he reads it's Dean. Remembering the secrecy with which he talked to him before, Bruce doesn't say his name when he answers.
"Hello" he tells.
"Bruce, are you alone?" Dean asks. Bruce looks around, perplexed.
"Ahm... Give me a minute" he tells. Alex looks frowning at him. "It's a... an aviation agency. Give me a minute" he tells her and goes outside.
"Dean? What's up? Why this secrecy?" he asks.
"Look man, we have a little problem"
"What problem?"
"Rowena refused to give us the Book but we know she has it and we must find a way to make her talk"
"And...?" Bruce says, confused.
"She... she wants Alex in turn"
"What?? You're not going to..."
"No man! Come on, why is everyone keeping asking that? No, we don't want Rowena to have her but she can be of help here. So you should find a way to keep her here without raising any suspect. And keep her away from that witch"
"Ok, I can try... But you know her, she's smart, she will suspect something."
"But you're smart too. Find a way, little man" Dean tells and then closes the call. "He agreed" he tells to his brother. Bruce calls Dean at the phone but it's too late. He's still a bit perplexed.

Bruce gets back, Alex is observing him carefully.
"Who was?" she asks. He looks up.
"Ahm, an agency, I told you."
"Are you getting a job?" she asks, smiling.
"Well... I don't know yet. We'll see". He puts his phone in the pocket and takes again his sword.
"Do you wanna play?" he asks her. She looks frowning at him.
"Yeah, play"
"What do you mean with play?"
"What do you mean with play?" he repeats, playful. "Come on girl, I'm getting bored"
"Sam and Dean will come back once they're done with Rowena?"
"I don't know... Probably, yeah, they always come back" he tells smiling. "Come on, fence with me"
"I don't know how to fence" she tells, confused.
"Doesn't matter, I'll teach you" he tells, giving her one of his swords. She's a bit perplexed but it seems he's really bored. Anyway, she accepts though her bad mood. She notices his strange behaviour too. While he takes the thing seriously, she doesn't. After a while, he takes a break to drink something. He takes his blood sack from his bag and drinks a bit with the straw. She looks at him.
"I'll never get habit to this" she comments. "What's this, AB or 0?"
"AB, tastes better" he replies. He takes his sword back and was going to resume their 'match' when she goes to him. She takes a handkerchief and cleans his lips from some blood. He's a bit surprised, she smiles and then puts the handkerchief in his jacket's pocket. But he didn't see that wasn't the only thing she put. She had a hexbag in her hand and that was just an excuse to get close to him. It's been a while since Sam and Dean left and they should have been back. She noticed Bruce's attitude and she wants to know more. After a while, Bruce starts feeling confused. He looks around, he looks at her, she seems surprised.
"Bruce, are you ok?"
"Yeah, yeah... Just a bit..." he tells, holding his head. His sight gets blurred and in a little time he faints. She holds him before he can fall and slowly lays him on his bed. She puts a blanket on him, he looks like sleeping, and then she gets out.
Cautious, she comes back to the castle and gets in from the backdoor Rowena showed them the night before. She takes a look inside, in the case Sam and Dean were still there. They aren't, only Rowena is there. Alex gets in slowly, Rowena turns around as she hears her footsteps. She happily smiles at her, proud.
"My dear Alex... I knew you would have come" she says. Alex is a bit unsure and she looks around.
"Yeah..." she comments.
"Don't worry. The Winchester boys are not here". Alex looks a bit surprised at her.
"You know...?"
"Sure I know. They came here, they are searching for a thing I have, but I guess you already know that"
"Well, they had to go away with empty hands. I don't give my things for free. But please, take a seat" she says, handing a huge, royal chair to her. She's a bit afraid, but she sits down.
"Where's your adorable friend?"
"He's having a rest"
"And what if he wakes up?"
"He won't." she pauses. "I made him fall asleep". Rowena smiles proudly at her.
"Well done, my girl. You made the right choice. So I guess you're here because you accepted my proposal"
"Yes, exactly. And as you can imagine, nor Bruce or Sam and Dean agree with me. Therefore I can't stay away for much time and I have to be careful"
"Yes, sure. Why aren't they in?"
"They don't trust you. I mean, for Sam and Dean I guess it's a personal thing, seen you already know each other"
"Yes. In fact, they asked for my help because I'm the only one who can read the Book of the Damned. And now, after forcing me to help them, they even want the Book back". Alex looks down, thoughtful. If they did it, they surely had their own reasons.
"So, my dear Alexandria, from what do you want to start?" she asks. Alex looks up at her.
After a couple of hours, Alex comes back to the motel room. Obviously, Bruce is still sleeping there, where she left him. She takes the hexbag from his pocket and burns it in the umbrella stand. Then she sits on her bed and waits for him to wake up. After some minutes, he opens his eyes and looks around confused.
"Well, hello again, Sleeping Beauty" she tells, smiling.
"What happened?" he asks, rubbing his eyes.
"You took a long and quiet sleep. You were tired"
"Uhm... I don't remember of falling asleep"
"You were tired, you fell asleep pretty fast"
"How much time did I sleep?"
"Few hours. I've actually been waiting for you to wake up to eat something"
"Oh, ok, thank you" he tells, sitting in the bed. She feels a bit bad for lying to him, but she's habit to this kind of things, lying has been her main activity until she met him. And anyway, she kept lying to everyone else.

The next day, Bruce and Alex are having breakfast in their room. Alex looks thoughtful, Bruce smiles when his phone rings. He takes a look, it's Dean that says they're still far from finding a way to take back the Book, they have to be patient. Alex observes him, she soon gets it's Dean's text.
"Dean, right? Did they solve everything?" she asks, drinking from her cup. He looks up.
"Ahm... They're still treating with Rowena. And meanwhile they're hunting the ghost we saw at the castle."
"Why should they?" she asks, frowning. "It doesn't harm anyone"
"Well, but it's spooky. I told them about it and they said they would have dealt with it"
"When did you say that?"
"Yesterday. Yesterday morning, when they came here. I told Dean" he invents. She doesn't look convinced but she already felt he was lying to her.
"Ok..." she comments.
"And they asked us to stay here, in the case they need our help". Alex is actually surprised by what he said, but this just gives her an advantage.
"Yeah, ok" she replies soon. After a while, Bruce gets up to put away his cup. Alex carefully observes him and when he's turned, she exploits the chance to put a hexbag in his jacket's pocket he left on the chair. He starts feeling sick, he holds to the sink and then tries to reach the chair, holding his head.
"Damn..." he comments. Alex pretends to be confused.
"What's going on Bruce?"
"I have a sudden terrible headache...". She stands up and goes helping him.
"Come, come this way. Lay down for a while, maybe you got up too fast". She leads him to his bed and makes him lay there. He looks at her but then his sight goes away and he falls unconscious.
Alex comes back to Rowena.
"Hello little witch. It's a pleasure to see you again" Rowena tells, smiling. Alex doesn't trust her but she's firm on her idea and smiles too.
"We'll start doing something more serious today" she says, Alex looks afraid but excited. After a while, Rowena organized a row of bottles on the table and places Alex in front of it.
"Come on dear, move them" she says. Alex looks surprised at her.
"But... I can't do that, how could I?" she replies, confused. Rowena smiles.
"I'll show you". She raises up her hand and in an instant all the bottles start floating in the air. Alex observes fascinated. The bottles pose down again.
"Now it's your turn". She's still perplexed. Rowena takes her arm and raises it up.
"Come on!" she says. Alex tries to do the same but without any result.
"Nothing" she says discomforted, putting down her arm. Rowena takes it up again.
"Don't give up. Focus on your task. You have to raise up those bottles. Do that!". Alex tries to focus, she fixes those bottles but still they don't move.
"Keep going, keep going! When you get out of here, you'll be able to move objects". Alex tries to stay focused and not getting distracted, but it's too hard. Something blocks her and she can't understand what. A sudden pain flows on her arm, she tries to resist but she has to give up. She stops and catches her breath, massaging her arm.
"And so? What's this?" Rowena asks.
"I can't do it. My arm hurts..." she tells, aching.
"Do you want to be a real witch or not?"
"Yes, sure..."
"Apply then! You can do that, you just need to focus. Start again, come on!" she says. Alex is worried and anyway she can't do that. Time passes, they spent few hours like this but at the end, something starts moving. Alex looks surprised at it and therefore lets it go.
"Hey, hey! You were almost there! Don't stop, come on" Rowena incites her. Alex focuses again, the bottles start moving and then slowly they float in the air. Alex looks shocked and surprised at it, but she's happy, she smiles.
"Beautiful, dear! You see? You can do it! You can do everything". Alex looks at her smiling. Finally she's getting what she came for and she's proving she really can be powerful.
Alex comes back, she plays a bit with the chairs, moving them around but then they stop moving: she still has to practice a lot. She looks a bit sad. Then she looks at Bruce, she goes to him and caresses his head.
"I'm sorry..." she comments. She takes the hexbag from his jacket and burns it. After a bit, he wakes up.
"Feeling better, boy?" she asks. He looks around.
"Yeah, a bit better...." he tells but looks at her a bit suspicious.

Alex keeps going to her lessons every day and every day she deceives him in some way to make him fall asleep. She keeps practicing and gets better every day. Rowena teaches her various things, some spells, different ways to act on physical objects and rapid spells she can use. Alex is happy to learn all these things and she even forgot that somehow Rowena wanted something from her, but she never found out what. And in the meantime, Bruce starts feeling ill more frequently, and not just when she casts spells on him. He feels confused, he has headaches and nauseas, he feels really weak. He's getting worried and obviously he notices some strange behaviours with her. One morning, she's making her bed when she notices Bruce laying on his, covering his eyes. She looks worried at him, now he's ill for real, that's not her action.
"Bruce, are you ok?" she asks, moving his arm from his face. He looks bothered. "Bruce?"
"I'm not feeling good..."
"Why? What's up?" she asks, sad.
"I don't know, it's happening too often lately. First, I have sudden headaches, then I wake up without even remembering of falling asleep. I have empty holes in my mind. And now I feel horrible"
"Do you want some blood? Maybe it can help you..."
"Mmm, yeah, maybe...". She helps him sitting and fixes his hair a bit. She searches in his bag and takes a sack.
"Take it. Drink a bit". He drinks some blood. "Better?"
"Yeah... But I'm still confused. I don't understand why. There's something wrong, Alex"
"What do you mean?" she asks, worried.
"That is not normal. I'm not feeling good. Maybe there's something wrong in my diet, maybe I need human blood"
"No no, you can't drink it, you know"
"Yeah, I know, but I'm too weak. I should call Sam and Dean, they surely know what to do". Alex suddenly realizes of the problems it can bring and tries to dissuade him.
"Why should you call Sam and Dean?"
"Because I'm a vampire, Alex, I can't go to a doctor. They're the highest experts of these things, that we know. They're the only ones that can help me" he tells, annoyed.
"But they're surely busy with the case"
"Are you trying to help me or not?" he asks, angrily.
"Yes, sure, but I mean, we can wait to see if you get better. Maybe you're just tired or you need some more blood. Maybe you've been drinking too little". He looks suspicious at her, but he tries to hide it.
"Ok. Let's do how you say."
"Good" she says, caressing his head. "I want you to be alright, you know. But maybe it's just a weird period" she explains. When she moves away, anyway, Bruce takes his phone and writes a quick text to Dean. He tells he's not feeling good lately, he doesn't know what's wrong with him and asks if they can come, when they can.
The evening, Bruce is reading a book, sitting in his bed, while Alex searches for a way to get out. She doesn't want to make a spell on him again, seen he's not feeling good, so she just tries to go out, looking as normal as she can. But Bruce sees her.
"Where are you going?" he asks. She turns around.
"Ahm... Out. I need some air". He doesn't want to let her go, he can't.
"Can I come too?"
"But you're not feeling good..." she tells, frowning.
"I'm better now. And maybe some fresh air can help me" he tells, getting up. She doesn't know what to invent. She goes to him and tries to keep him there.
"Wait, Bruce, are you sure? You look a bit weak, maybe you should rest". He feels there's something wrong with her. Surely there's something suspicious.
"I've been resting for a lot. Actually, that's exactly what you told me every time. I've been resting. But where were you?" he asks. She gets he's getting too close to the truth.
"I-I've been here..." she tells, but she has to find some other way to convince him. In fact, he's not convinced. In any case, she has an hexbag ready, if she needs it.
"Alex, how many times have I told you not to lie to me? You know I can't stand it" he says, a bit mad.
"I'm not lying, I was here!" she says, getting nervous and annoyed.
"Damn girl, you're a good liar but you forgot I got everything every time" he tells. She doesn't have any other choice, she has to use magic again. She gets closer to him, pretending she wants him to sit down. But he steps back, he noticed that every time she moved closer to him.
"Stay away..." he says, looking at her suspicious and mistrustful.
"Bruce, what's wrong with you? I didn't do anything... Why should I stay away now?" she asks, confused. "Maybe you're right, we should call Sam and Dean. There's something wrong with you and I don't get what". He looks at her confused by her reaction and stops there. He looks around. But now she can move things, she can move objects. Without him seeing anything, she takes out the hexbag from her bag, under her bed, and hides it under his bed's pillow. She stays there, looking at him and waiting for the spell to work. She keeps the distance, as to show him she doesn't have anything to do with it. He was starting to think he just took the wrong conclusions, when he starts having headaches again. He holds his head and looks at her, not knowing what to expect: worry or indifference? Is it her behind this or she did nothing? She goes to him and keeps him up.
"Bruce? Bruce?" she calls him. He loses senses and falls down. She manages to catch him in time and drags him to his bed. Once she put him there, she caresses his forehead a bit, sadly looking at him, and then gets out.

Few hours pass and it gets dark outside. Dean got Bruce's text and at late evening they go to their room. Sam and Dean get out of their car and Dean knocks at their door. But no one opens. Dean takes a look at Sam.
"Didn't you say he texted you he wasn't fine?" Sam asks.
"Yeah" Dean replies, grumpy.
"And why don't they open then? If he's not ok, they should be here" Sam says. Dean takes the phone and calls Bruce. Dean shakes his head, Bruce doesn't answer. Sam looks confused, so he just takes out his tools and starts forcing the lock of their door. Alex doesn't answer either, therefore Dean puts away his phone. Sam opens the door and they get in. The only thing they find is Bruce laying on his bed. They're a bit surprised.
"Hey, man! Wake up!" Dean says, going to him and shaking him. But Bruce doesn't wake up. Sam and Dean look at each other, puzzled, and Sam takes a look around, searching for Alex. Dean keeps shaking Bruce and slapping his face.
"Come on! Bruce!" calls Dean. Sam comes back and he's even more puzzled than before. Dean looks at him.
"What's wrong with him?" Sam asks.
"I don't know Sammy, I can't wake him up" Dean tells. "I don't know if it's just a vampire thing but the vampires we met were all pretty awake". He searches for a heartbeat on his neck. "Nothing, but I guess it's normal since he's a not-dead. Where is Alex?"
"I don't know, she's not here" Sam tells. Dean looks at him, like suddenly struck by an illuminating idea.
"You think there's her behind it?" Sam asks, incredulous. "A witchcraft? That she did it to him?"
"I don't know what to think, Sam"
"Alex would never harm him"
"Yeah, but evidently someone didn't want him around. Search in all his things and bags, come on, quick!" Dean tells, searching in all his pockets. Sam takes out his bags from under the bed and throws everything out. He takes out all his clothes, all his swords. Meanwhile Dean searches on him. In his jeans' pocket he finds his phone. He checks it: there are all his missed calls. Dean, though bothered, keeps searching in every pocket, mumbling something like "Come on... I can't believe I have to do this...", but once the pockets are over, he has nothing. They look around and the first thing they think of is the bed itself. Dean pushes Bruce away to take out the pillow and there they find the hexbag.
"Quick Sam! Burn it!" Dean says. Sam grabs the hexbag and with a lighter he sets fire to it. He lets it fall to the ground and lets it burn. Dean and Sam sit down on the floor and wait for the hexbag to burn completely. After a while, they hear some noises and heavy breaths from Bruce. They get up and take a look at him.
"Bruce! Are you awake?" Dean asks, shaking him and pulling him up. Bruce tries to put away his hands and moves back, afraid. He looks around confused and dazed by the sudden light.
"Dean, wait..." Sam tells to his brother, moving him back. Bruce rubs his eyes and tries to look at them. His sight is blurred but it slowly clears.
"Sam? Dean?" he asks, surprised.
"Yeah, it's us. What happened Bruce?" asks Sam. Bruce stares at them perplexed then tries to say something.
"Alex... Where is Alex?"
"We can't find her. But I'm afraid we both know where she is. She almost killed you" Dean tells. Bruce listens to him but he's really weak.
"Bruce, you're really pale..." Sam tells, worried. Bruce looks down, there are his blood sacks there on the ground.
"Sam, give him some blood, maybe he recovers a bit" Dean says, pointing at the bags. Sam takes one and gives it to Bruce.
"Thank you..." he says. He drinks some blood, Sam and Dean observe him.
"Sammy, whatever thing that girl is thinking, we need to have a serious chat with her" Dean tells. Bruce looks afraid at him.
"Don't hurt her!" he says. Dean looks confused at him.
"We're not going to do anything to her, unless she searches for it. But she risked to kill you man, you see that?"
"Yes, I know..." he looks down. "I don't know why she did so..."
"What happened then?" Sam asks. Bruce looks at him.
"Ahm..." he doesn't know where to start. "I think she made some of her tricks on me. She actually has been doing it for the whole week. But I-I didn't know... I just know I had strong headaches and when I woke up again, lot of time had passed. She told I've been sleeping, I was tired, but I didn't remember anything. And I started feeling horrible. And these things kept happening. I wanted to call you, I thought it was some kind of problem with the blood, maybe I needed human blood... But then she tried to dissuade me from calling you and I sudden realized that probably was her, it's always been her. But I don't know how. When I got that, I tried to stay away from her but it happened in any case..." he tells, frenetically and nervous. Sam and Dean listen to him and take a look at each other.
"Ok, ok, calm down now, relax..." Sam tells, shaking a bit his shoulder. "Are you feeling better now?"
"Yeah, yeah..." he replies, rubbing his face.
"And except this, you didn't notice anything strange in Alex?" Dean asks.
"Well, she's a bit strange on her own, it's how she grew up. But she looked normal. Sometimes I thought she got that I was lying to her, but except that..."
"Ok, we'll go searching for her"
"I'll come too" Bruce says, trying to get up. Dean keeps him down.
"No, boy, stay here. Get better, drink all the blood that you need" Dean tells, handing him another sack. "We'll search for her. And maybe she comes back. It's better for you to stay here"
"Alright..." he replies. Sam gets up too.
"Sammy, we have to find that witch. And stop her before she does something dangerous. I'm not willing to touch his butt again" Dean whispers to Sam. Sam smiles while Bruce looks at him, uncomfortable.
"Call us if you know something" Dean says while getting out. Bruce nods, while drinking from the straw.

Meanwhile, Alex is with Rowena in the undercroft of the castle. Rowena organized a whole altar with candles, bowls and a book on it. Alex looks curious at it.
"Today, my dear, we'll do a step forward. I'll show you a very important spell, you'll like it" she says. Alex observes her and it's confused by her excitement. She stands in front of the table, raises up her hands, closes her eyes. Then tells some latin words and all the candles light up. Alex looks fascinated at it. Then Rowena opens the book at a bookmarked page. Alex observes, wondering what she has to do. Rowena reads a Latin spell, then she grabs Alex's arm and pulls her. Alex tries to get free, she can't understand. Rowena looks at her.
"Come on, stay here" she says. Then she takes a knife and cuts her hand's palm. Her blood flows down on the bowl, where there already were some herbs. Alex complains and protests, pulling back her hand.
"It's just a little wound, you won't die for it" Rowena says. Alex looks shocked at her, her hand is covered with blood.
"You cut my hand!" she says. Rowena gives her a handkerchief.
"Many times blood is needed for spells. You can't be a witch if you're so sensitive". Alex looks scared at her, she's getting suspicious. Rowena moves the book in front of her. Alex looks afraid at her.
"It's your turn. Read" she says. Alex is unsure, she doesn't want to. But Rowena fixes her and just her look can be really convincing. Alex, scared, starts reading. Her voice is trembling but she's more afraid of what Rowena can do to her than the consequences of her actions. She carries on and keeps reading. Then the spell is over. Nothing happens for the first instants, then the candles go off and they all fall in the darkness. Alex looks around scared, her breath gets pretty fast. Rowena lights up a lamp, there's some more light now. She looks at Alex and smiles proudly.
"You managed dear. It's been wonderful" she says. Alex looks terrified at her.
"What's this? What's happening?" she asks.
"You made a perfect job. He will be happy of taking such a strong body". Alex steps back, holding her bleeding hand, and even more scared.
"Aesma Daeva is coming. And he will come through you. You sold your soul and offered your body to him. The body of a born warrior, what else could have been better?"
"No, no..." Alex mumbles, stepping back, she's going to cry.
"Yes, my dear"
"This is what you wanted from me? Is it this??!!"
"You got it, kid. Maybe a bit late"
"No! You won't have me! Never!!" she yells, crying and exploiting the darkness to run away.
"You're wrong dear! He will get you, wherever you go!" Rowena shouts at her.

Alex runs back to the motel, desperately. She reaches the door, she hits it with her hand still bleeding, and tries to take the keys from the pocket. She's crying and she's anxious. She's trembling so much she can't even put the key in the lock. But inside, Bruce hears something and opens the door. She jumps with surprise and looks at him, both scared and incredulous. She can't understand how he woke up. He looks at her and she looks terrified. He's still mad at her for what she did to him but seeing her like this and not knowing why, he just pulls her in and closes the door.
"What the hell, Alex?" he starts. "What were you thinking?! And what happened now?" he asks, perplexed. She keeps crying desperately.
"I'm sorry, Bruce... I didn't want to... I'm sorry!" she tells. He's still confused.
"You almost killed me! You know that??"
"What?" she asks, confused. "No, no, I didn't do that... It was just a light spell..."
"But you exaggerated! You did it every day! You were going to kill me!"
"Yes! When Sam and Dean came here I was more on the other side than here! Luckily they arrived!"
"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to..."
"And what did you do to your hand? You're bleeding". She looks at it but doesn't know what to say.
"I'm going to die for this, Bruce..." she tells. He looks frowning at her.
"What? Die for what?"
"I've been stupid, Bruce. I made a huge mistake, I'm sorry..." she says, among tears.
"Yeah, but I'm not going to kill you, if you mean this"
"No, no, I'm going to die, for real Bruce. Rowena deceived me, she just used me. She forced me, I didn't want to."
"To do what? Speak clearly, I can't understand"
"She made me make a spell, a summoning. I sold my soul to some kind of demon and now he's coming for me. He wants to possess my body". He stares at her, disconcerted.
"You're kidding me, right? How is it possible?! How could you??!"
"I'm sorry! She forced me! It's not my fault!". Bruce tries to think clearly.
"Ok, ok... I'll call Dean, they always know what to do, they'll help us" he says, taking his phone. Alex looks at him, catching her breath because of crying. Dean is driving, Sam takes his phone.
"Dean??" Bruce asks. "Sam? Please, please! Come back here! Alex came back, she's here but we have a problem. Please, hurry up!" he tells. Dean quickly and furiously turns the car and drives back to them. Bruce looks at Alex, she really looks desperate, he never saw her like this.
"Hey, hey... Honey, no one is going to die here, alright?" he tells her, holding her shoulders. "Sam and Dean will know what to do". She nods but she's still really shaken. He hugs her and she tightly holds to him, still crying.
"I'm sorry Bruce... I didn't want to hurt you, I don't know what I was thinking..."
"Ssh, I know, doesn't matter. We'll talk about it later... Don't worry" he says, holding her head on him.

A bit later, Bruce and Alex are sitting in his bed, he managed to calm her a bit and he's now wrapping her hand with bandages. He smiles a bit.
"Like the old times, right?" he says, taking a look at her. She's not crying but she's really sad and worried.
"I don't know what I was thinking..." she tells. "You were right, you have always been. I was convinced I could deceive her too, learn some things and then..." she pauses. He looks at her.
"I know you've always had good intentions, but you should have listened to me. If I tell you something, it's just for your own good"
"I harmed you... I can't forgive myself for it. How could I? What was I thinking? Even when I saw you were feeling ill..." she says, sad. He looks down, a bit hurt. Then he puts an arm around her shoulders.
"Hey... Don't worry. I can't say that I'm happy about it, but you got you made a mistake and luckily I'm still here, so let's get over it. I know you didn't mean to"
"I made a mess... Dean will kill me, I know". Bruce chuckles a bit.
"No, he won't. I won't allow him to do that. He will probably be really pissed, but nothing more"
"Now I risk to die too. I don't know if Sam and Dean will be able to do something" she tells, crying a bit. He looks sad at her. "This is... complicated. I sold my soul... I've been so stupid I deserve to die"
"No, no, hey. That's not true. And you won't die, I promise you. Otherwise, I will turn you into a vampire, so you won't die. No one will take you". She looks at him, concerned. "That's the good thing of having a vampire friend" he smiles. She looks around, scared. There's something wrong, something strange, she can feel it. She feels strange, something is getting closer but she can't see it. But she can feel it. An engine roars outside, then someone violently knocks at the door. Alex starts, Bruce looks behind and gets up.
"Bruce..." she says, worried, willing to stop him because of fear.
"Don't worry, these are Sam and Dean" he tells and opens. Dean gives a bothered look at him and quickly gets in, Sam follows. Alex looks at them scared and worried by their reaction. She gets up.
"Seriously girl?? What the hell did you think to do?!" Dean angrily shouts at her. Alex starts crying again, Bruce goes next to her while Sam looks at her, sad.
"I'm sorry Dean... I know I made a mess, I'm sorry..."
"A mess? Yeah! I don't know what was wrong with you! You risked to kill him!". Dean looks at Bruce, who stays behind her holding her shoulders. "Man?! Say something!" Dean tells him, surprised.
"We already talked..." Bruce replies.
"And? You let it go like this??"
"Dean, we have another problem. Rowena forced her to do a spell and sell her soul..."
"What?" Dean asks, shocked. Sam looks incredulous and concerned. "You made a pact with the devil??"
"I... I just made a spell but I didn't know what it was!" she tells, confused. "I read this thing from a book, she took my blood..."
"Wait, you didn't see any demon? No black eyes, no kisses?" Dean asks, perplexed. She's even more confused.
"No...". Dean looks at Sam.
"Is it possible such a thing?"
"No, I don't think so... Deals are sealed just with a crossroad demon and with a kiss... But, what do you remember of this spell?"
"It was on an old book..."
"You made a spell from the Book of the Damned!" Dean tells loudly, incredulous.
"I don't know! I don't know what it was!" she explains, desperate. "Rowena told something about Aesma Dea... De-Daeva"
"Daeva? You summoned a Daeva?" Dean asks. She looks at them confused.
"Not a Daeva, Aesma Daeva" Sam tells. Dean looks at him, frowning. "It's the god of the war. He likes every kind of battle and fight. I guess that's why she wanted her to do that and why she wanted us to give her to her" Sam explains. "She wanted someone powerful and we know her physical abilities. She wanted to train her just to be a better vessel"
"What is a Daeva?" Bruce asks.
"It's like an ancient god. It's invisible but you can see its shadow. We already faced them once, so we know them" Dean tells, searching in his bag. He gives him a big lamp. "They can be eliminated by destroying the altar where they have been summoned. We'll go there, you stay here and use this if you need it, it's an intense source of light. Keep her far from shadows". Bruce nods.
"Alex, where is the altar?" Sam asks.
"Ahm... In the undercroft of the castle"
"Ok, we'll go there. I guess Rowena already vanished from there. With the Book. But we'll care of her later" Dean says. "The two of us will have an interesting chat later!" he tells her before going away. She puts down her head.
"We'll be quick" Sam assures.

Alex is standing in the middle of the room, trying to avoid all the shadows. Bruce poses the lamp and then goes to her. He holds her shoulders.
"You see? Sam and Dean will fix everything" he tells.
"This shouldn't have happened..."
"Stop thinking about it. We got you made a mistake but stop torturing you like this. Now we'll just wait for this thing to be over". She looks around, she feels again something is not right, something is coming. She looks up to Bruce when she sees a long shadow raising up behind him, along the wall.
"Bruce!" she shouts, dragging him away. He looks scared behind him, the shadow disappeared. He holds her to him.
"Don't worry, while I'm around, nothing bad is gonna happen to you" he reassures her.
"I'm scared..." she admits, for the first time. He looks at her, surprised.
"Well... Me too. But Sam and Dean are the bests."
"Bruce, I just want this to end. This, everything! The case, the hunt! I wanna stop" she tells. He smiles.
"I'm happy you say so. Finally you got it. It would have been easier if you got it in a simplier way though. But I'm happy you wanna stop". The shadows start moving again. It runs along the wall and tries to reach them, but it can't, they're too far and shadows can't run there. They step back, Alex turns around just in time because a shadow was reaching her. Bruce pulls her away, his eyes get yellow and his sharp teeth shine in his mouth. He holds her like she was his meal. He carefully observes around, he groans sometimes. She holds to him trembling, she's a bit surprised by how protective he is towards her. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean reach the castle. They hurry on the undercroft, though cautious, but as they predicted, Rowena is not there. Bruce takes the lamp, shadows are getting closer and longer. They don't wanna stop, they keep stretching to get them. They're getting too close, Sam and Dean reach the main hall. A shadow with the shape of a hand stretches toward Alex, she curls against Bruce, trying not to see, he turns on the lamp and an intense white light comes out of it. Everything gets flooded by its light, even Bruce and Alex can resist just a little. Dean searches around for the Book while Sam pulls down the table. Everything falls down with a big crash. When the light vanishes, Bruce and Alex are laying on the ground. She looks around dazed: the shadows disappeared. He's covering his eyes because of the too much light. She creeps to him and takes away his hands. His eyes are extremely red and he tries to avoid the light.
"Bruce! Bruce! Tell me you're ok, please!"
"Wait, wait..." he tells, trying to get habit to the light. He manages to keep open his eyes. They're as red as blood. She holds down his hands that he tries to take to his eyes, and holds him down with his back to the floor.
"I... There's too much light...". She turns off some lights just remotely moving the switch. Then she pulls him sitting.
"Is it better now?", he looks around.
"Yeah... But my eyes burn. I guess that light was too strong". She holds his cheeks to check his eyes then she hugs him tight.

Later, Bruce and Alex are sitting on his bed. He has an arm around her and is drinking a bit of blood. She still looks thoughtful. She leans on him and while searching for a better position, she realizes she sat on few empty blood sacks. She pulls them out and shows them to Bruce.
"Oh, sorry, I forgot to throw them away" he tells, grabbing them and throwing them to the floor. She smiles and leans down again.
"Are you feeling better now?" he asks, still drinking.
"Yeah..." she replies, "but I think it will take a while for me to get over it. I really did everything wrong this time"
"And this have been the last time. You won't have any other problem of the kind". Someone knocks at the door. Bruce gets up to open and Alex sits on the bed, knowing what is expecting her. Sam and Dean get in.
"Alright. We fixed everything. Why are you staying in the darkness?" Dean asks, confused while turns on the light. Bruce quickly tries to cover his eyes, but manages to resist a bit.
"Aahi... Yeah, for this reason" he comments. His eyes are still red but it is slowly going away.
"What happened?" Dean asks.
"The light. I guess it was too strong for him" Sam says. Bruce tries to look at him.
"I'm sorry man, I didn't know" Dean says. Then he gives a bad stare to Alex. She looks down.
"Don't say anything, Dean... Please" she says. He looks at her, waiting for her explanation.
"I already know. I... made a mistake, a huge one. I just thought I could manage it. But evidently I couldn't..."
"Yeah. When I told you Rowena is an evil bitch, that's exactly what I meant. We know her, you should have listened to us"
"I told you, I'm sorry..."
"Yeah, but probably this can be a good lesson for you. I know you always did everything on your own but sometimes you should listen to others too. Especially if they're more experts than you. You were just convinced you were doing right and that you could do that. But come on, you ended up hurting your own, only, friend and almost killing yourself!" Dean says. She looks down. "I don't wanna make you feel even worse, I know you got it, what you did. But you deserve a proper scold. And I'm sure your friend is not gonna do that"
"Alex, you need to understand that things out there are really dangerous. You can't play with it" Sam says. "Your attitude of thinking that you can do everything, deceive others, especially when it's about the supernatural, you have to forget it. Even if you're the smarter one, the best one, the strongest, it makes you forget that they always have the handle of the knife. You are the only one who can lose something here. You don't have to lose the fear that this job brings. Or you'll end up killing yourself"
"That's not a problem anymore" she says, looking up and then down again. "I quit. I give up. I don't know what I can do, what my life can be, I have no idea. But I decided to stop". Sam smiles happily, Dean is surprised actually.
"Good, perfect actually." Sam says. "And you're not giving up, Alex. Actually, you're just accepting a challenge. It's easier to carry on in this life, especially for you that never had a normal one. But doing so, you show your real strength"
"Beautiful words, brother" Dean comments.
"And you? What will you do?" Bruce asks.
"Well, Rowena wasn't there, so we'll have to turn to someone else to find her" Dean says and takes a look at Sam.
"You're flying back to the US?"
"Yes, we're going to"
"You see, he's so happy" Sam jokes. Bruce smiles widely and Alex smiles a bit too.
"If I had a plane, I would have flown you back" Bruce tells. "I'm a pilot, you know?"
"Awesome..." Dean comments, scared. Sam laughs. "Well, I hope we won't have to meet again, just for your own good. Otherwise, you know where to find us" Dean says while going towards the door.
"Yes, sure" Bruce replies.
"Should I switch off the light?" Dean asks.
"Yes, thank you! Bye" Bruce says. Sam and Dean get out and close the door. Bruce comes back to his bed and sits next to Alex. Sam and Dean walk toward their car, Sam takes a look at the window of Bruce and Alex's room and sees them sitting there, leaning on each other. He smiles and pulls his brother's arm. Dean looks at him and then at the window.
"Well, I hope they will finally have a normal life without supernatural interferences. Or better, without supernatural interferences other than him" Dean says. Sam smiles and they get back in their car.


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